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GEC Ushaw

Name: GEC UShaw Bracket
Date: Circa 1920s
Specs: Large flattened finial, thick scroll work, side mounted fuse box, wall mounted
Lantern: Holophane 516/2/4607 Standard Type Duo Dome

bracket #1

This bracket was found in a Barnstaple junk shop by my mother. Knowing my fondness for all street lighting equipment, and amazing the shop keeper by actually knowing what the object was, it was duly purchased an brought home. Despite being a little rusty, it was in excellent condition, even retaining its original REVO porcelain fuses. Unfortunately the lantern had long gone.

finial #1

I originally thought it was a REVO bracket, given the fuses. But it finally turned up in a GEC catalogue from the 1920s; listed as the Ushaw. Strangely there's no identifying mark on the bracket anywhere.

The finial is of unique design and I've not seen anything like it since.

top of lantern and finial

The scrollwork on the lantern was similarly thick. And the fuse box was strangely positioned to one side, not beneath the bracket which became the norm in the next decade. As can be seen, the fuse box cover is completely flat, and there's no indication of a manufacturer.

bracket #2

I didn't have a 1920s lantern to put on the bracket, so had to pick something from the 1930s-1940s instead. In the end, I elected to put a Holophane 516/2/4607 Standard Type Duo Dome on the bracket as the proportions matched well.

GEC UShaw Bracket

This was the bracket as purchased. Despite a small amount of rust, it was in superb condition, and has restored extremely well.