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Lucy Medium Bracket

Name: Lucy
Date: Circa 1930s - 1960s
Specs: Large flower finial, Lucy fuse box, Venner addition
Lantern: BLEECO ??? Hastings

side #1

This bracket was picked up from Sussex council. It was fitted with a BLEECO Hastings but as I already had one of those restored, the lantern was removed and sold on.

front #1

The lantern is documented here. It was originally a GLS lantern but converted to a gear-in-head MBF/U in the 1960s. The original gear has been retained (and still works).

side #2

(It's be quite a nice picture of the cat if that darn streetlight wasn't in the way).

top of lantern

The lantern is huge and doesn't feature any makers' marks or identification.

finial closeup

The finial is a standard Lucy flower casting.

lucy fuse box #1

One of the original fuses was still inside, and this was retained when the bracket was rewired.

lucy fuse box #2

The cast iron cover is of an older Lucy design with the maker's name around the circumference.

venner clock box #1

One of the reasons I picked up this bracket was due to it's rather unique Venner clock box which was bolted to the front of the Lucy fuse box.

venner clock box #2

When obtained, the clock box was empty, the lantern being converted to photo-cell. So I rewired the lantern, and reinstalled a Venner time switch.

venner clock box #3

This shot shows how the Venner clock box was fitted to the Lucy fuse box.

entire bracket #1

Despite being a huge, overbearing lantern, this medium sized Lucy bracket supports the huge BLEECO Hastings well.

Lucy Bracket/BLEECO Hastings

Despite already having a fully refurbished BLEECO Hastings lantern, I selected this bracket and light purely because I was interested in the Lucy fuse box and Venner control box combination.

It's quite a clever design: Venner designed a clock box to screw directly onto a Lucy fuse box, thus allowing the clock to be incorporated onto the bracket. However, it does add an ungainly aspect to the lantern.

No clock and the fuse inside was broken. However, the bracket has already been stripped and covered in red-lead. The fully restored version will be appearing here soon.

The BLEECO Hastings is up for grabs. It's missing its Holophane Duo-Dome glass - and all the control gear is lose inside. However, if you're interested then please e-mail me.