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ELECO HW851 Welwyn III

I believe this lantern to be an ELECO Welwyn III. The problems with its identification stem from the length of the canopy (it appears to be too long to be a Welwyn), and the lack of an ELECO logo on the canopy. But until I remove the paint, it's provenance is slighty suspect.

It is missing its refractor but the rest of the lantern appears complete.

It's fitted with a 2-pin porcelean lampholder so would've originally taken a tungsten bulb.

It came from Bristol, and stood on a cast iron column (probably originally gas). This 1950s installation was removed in 1972, as the Bristol Corporation replaced their old 100W tunsten lamp swan-necked lanterns with Atlas Gamma-Six lanterns. (The Gamma-Sixes and their associated columns are now being removed in 2007).

The bracket is fitted with a superb old GEC cast iron box, but the cover has long gone. (A REVO cover came with the bracket, suggesting a partial fix was attempted whilst the bracket was in service). It has a rather odd square spigot cap, but hopefully that will fit my spigots!

It's probably the last remaining example of the 2000 Bristol swan-necks (as the Bristol Corporation put in an order for 2000 Atlas Gamma Sixes)... this is, apart from the other Bristol swan-neck in my collection.

Many thanks to Dave for offering it to me, and originally rescuing it from the council all those years ago.