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REVO A16610/T Prefect

side #1

This lantern orginated from somewhere in Stafford.

side #2

The lantern was in good condition and complete. It only required stripping down, respraying, and reassembling.

overhead #1

The "Road Way" still needs marking to ensure correct beam alignment and the REVO logo has now become rather small. In the past, "Road Way" would've been marked on the enamel reflector holding the refractor assembly.


Looking up at the lantern, the old enamel reflector assembly (as used by earlier REVO models) has been replaced with a piece of sheet metal.

disassembly #1

Opening the lantern reveals the new sheet metal assembly. The refractor is still held in place by a bayonet action, but the lugs are cut into the metal assembly, with crude springs holding it in place.

The bowl is held securely by a rubber ring. This also ensures a good seal against the lantern body.

disassembly #2

The underside of the metal assembly includes this plate which shows the focal positions avaiable. 100W, 150W and 200W GLS bulbs were supported along with 50W, 80W and 125W MBF/U.

disassembly #3

The focusing assembly has changed from earlier REVO designs as well.

Two screwed threads are attached to the base of the canopy upon which several spacers are added. A metal bridge holding the bulb assembly can be positioned at certain locations between the spacers, depending on the bulb type and wattage. Then the whole assembly is tightened using wing nuts.

night #1

Side view without flash.

night #2

And the same view with flash.

night #3

Finally a front view without flash.