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revos in cannock

road #1

After discretely parking the car, we walked down this pleasant road, which was populated with large 1930s style houses on either side. The street lighting was far less uniform, being a odd mixture of mercury vapour and low pressure sodium.

The first modern hockey stick column supported a Philips SOX lantern but it was the ancient swan-neck in the distance which caught my eye.

lantern #1 side profile

This ancient swan-neck held an open lantern with a spun viterous enamel reflector dish. One of the simplest lanterns ever produced and probably the reminants of the first installation on this road.

lantern #1

The enamel had rusted and chipped away, but the dish was complete. Given the age of this lantern, and the thin, fragile nature of the reflectors, I'd class this as fairly good condition.

It was fitted with a mercury vapour bulb.

road #2

We moved on further down the road. A second, similar column could be seen.

lantern #2 side profile

This elegant, characteristic bracket is a combination of the REVO Wolverhamption (spigot, leaf joint and bracket) and B18 (odd shaped finial).

lantern #2

The reflector was in far better condition than it's neighbour. This time I'd classify it as good condition.

lantern #2 bracket

The lantern is a REVO Lodestar. It's difficult to determine the precise catalogue number without measuring it though. It's either a C2626 with a 14" diameter, or a C7186 with an 18" diameter.

lantern #3 bracket

We passed a concrete column supporting another SOX lantern before finding the final swan-neck lantern. This was in the worst condition of the three, having lost its reflector.

road #3

Looking back, the mixture of columns, brackets and lanterns down this road revealed a patchy and uncoordinated in-fill and replacement scheme, with a mixture of concrete and cast-iron by day, and a mixture of sodium and mercury by night.

However, this installation is doomed and is expected to be completely replaced in 2004.

(Many thanks to Claire for the tip-off).