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AEI Leader 15ST Columns

Leader 15ST Aluminium colums are suitable for all Group "B" Streetlighting applications. THey are appearance designed for use in locations adjacent to Civic centres and other prestige areas. The available alternative combination of column, bracket and lantern provide an efficent lighting source for residential roads, factory sites and works access or perimeter roads.

Ease and economy of installation plus strength and durability are other inherent qualities which recommend Leader Aluminium columns for general use.

Light in weight, about 32lb., the columns can be easily handled and erected by one man. Thus dispensing with the need for expensive and heavy lifting tackle or other special equipment.

Design Specification

Leader 15ST columns are formed from Aluminium extrusion with slim tapering through triangular section. The column derives its strength from the radius at the corners which contains the groove where the joint is formed. All joints are cemented with epoxy resin.

Each column has a base compartment suitable to house lamp auxiliary gear and other ancillary equipment.

The top of each column is fitted with a 2" x 3" triangular standard spigot casting.

Design features include:
1. Longitudinal joints of the extrusion cemented with epoxy resin.
2. Hardwood gear mounting board with unobstructed full length fixing face.
3. Tamperproof lock fitted at top of gear compartment door, approximately 3 ft. above ground level. Robust key.
4. Planted portion of column shaft, inside and out is protected by a primer and bitumastic paint.
5. Earthing stud provided.
6. Column door positioned to enable operator to face oncoming traffic.

Five varying bracket types provide suitable alternatives of outreach over the Kerb line or for lanterns positioned with light centre length over centre line of column.

The combined column and brackes are suitable for several AEI Lantern types such as Baby Amber, Residential, Kirby and Starcone.

To enusre correct orientation of bracket and lantern a corner of the triangle should always point towards the roadway.

These columns are basically designed for a lanter not exceeding 26 lb. weight, having a projected side area not exceeding 2 sq. ft. and mounted at an outreach not exceeding 20" or alternatively a pole top lantern not exceeding 26 lb. weight and having a projected side area not exceeding 2.5 sq. ft. at zero outreach.

Material Specification

Extrusion - Magnesium Silicon Aluminium Alloy to BS 1476 HE9-P.
Castings - Silicon Aluminium Alloy to BS 1490 LM6.
Gear Baseboard - Iroko hardwood which is classified by BS 1282 as being naturally very durable.
Locks - Stainless steel.
Tube (brackets) - Magnesium Silicon Aluminium Alloy to BS 1474 HV9-P.

Finish And Weathering

When new the surface of the column has a matt satin finish but it will slowly become darker with some degree of oxidisation varying according to local conditions. Unlike rust on iron or steel this chemical action is superficial, a protection on the surface of the metal and does not in any way impair the strength or life of the column.

All the alloys used in manufacture have a very low copper content which contributes greatly to their excellent resistance to corrosion.

Exhaustive tests carried out by the Aluminium Development Association with this material in different areas for a period of ten years have established corrosion rates of various prevailing conditions.

Corrosion Rates in Millionths of an inch per year.
Location Alumnium Copper Lead Zinc
Desert 0 5 9 10
Rural 1 23 19 42
Coastal 4 20 22 21
Coastal 8 26 - 55
Coastal 28 52 16 68
Industrial 31 47 17 190
Industrial 25 46 27 190

From these figures it will be seen that in the worst industrial conditions tested, the amount of corrosion to be anticipated in twenty years is less than 0.7 of a thousandth of an inch.

Control Gear

Leader 15ST columns have been designed with slim lines and the base compartments does not accommodate all types of control gear, fuse boxes and time switches. Details of suitable Mercury and Sodium lamp control gear are provided on separate leaflets. Additional information is available on request from any of the Company's offices throughout the United Kingdom.

Some columns are statistically certain to be damaged by vehicles in road accidents.

Leader Aluminium columns do not splinter or snap and the safety factor is consequently increased. The 15ST will also absorb energy from a moving vehicle with a resulting deceleration.

Replacement can be made readily by two men with a handcart or light van. The damaged column also has reclaim scrap value.


Five varying bracket types provide suitable alternatives of outreach over the Kerb line or for lanterns positioned with light centre length over centre line of column.

The combined colum and brackets are suitable for several AEI Lantern types such as Amber Minor, Kirby, Beeby, Saxby and Ashby.

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