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credalux dome refractor lantern
Used a single-piece dome refractor. Described as an extremely popular design owing to its excellent efficiency and light weight due to its vitreous enamelled sheet steel construction. It was available for different sizes of lamps.
L.811 ??? GLS
??? ??? No Gear 1932 Catalogue

industrial reflector
Standard BESA type industrial reflectors with both Dispersive and Distributing optical properites.
??? ??? GLS
??? ??? No Gear 1932 Catalogue

asymmetrical reflector fittings
Described as new in 1932, these were a two-way unit with separately adjustable reflectors which gave accurate light control, and enabled the maximum candle power to be maintained at whatever angle the unit was adjusted to operate. This was in contrast to most fixed-angle asymmetrical reflectors where the lantern only operated at maximum efficiency only at one particular angle.
??? ??? GLS
??? ??? No Gear 1932 Catalogue

two-way reflector for open-type conical reflectors
This was an elliptical reflector which could be clipped onto a conical open-type reflector fitting. It was sold as both an adapter and complete unit. It gave a non-axial two-way distribution with the maximum candle-power being 160° apart in plan - so that the main beams were projected on to the roadway and not wasted on the near pavement.
??? ??? GLS
??? ??? No Gear 1932 Catalogue

glasgow pattern lantern
Credenda made this lantern under contract to the Glasgow Corporation, supplying over 1000 to the city in 1932.
??? 150-1000W GLS
??? ??? No Gear 1932 Catalogue

johannesburg pattern lantern
5000 lanterns were supplied to this city in 1932 as part of a single contract.
??? ??? GLS
??? ??? No Gear 1932 Catalogue

huddersfield pattern lantern
A new lantern introduced in 1932 with a two-way light distribution achieved by two lamps in the sides of pyramidal reflectors.
??? ??? GLS
??? ??? No Gear 1932 Catalogue