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Public Street Lighting has become a major responsibility of Lighting Authorities.

The Ministry of Transport has long realized the importance of having all traffic routes lighted in such a way as to make conditions safer for pedestrians and all users of roads. It was for this reason that the Departmental Comitteee on Street Lighting was set up.

In September, 1935, an Interim Report was issued and gave much assistance in guiding engineers along standardized lines.

The Final Report of the Departmental Committee has now been published and in it we find that Street Lighting has been divided into two distinct groups:

Group A.
The Main Traffic Routes - For such roads it is recommended that the mounting height should be in the region of 25 feet.
Group B.
This embraces all Side Streets and 15 feet mounting height is recommended.
Section 37 sub (a) reads - "When the carriageway is not more than 30 feet wide the lamps should be sited vertically above the kerb . . ."
Section 38 reads - ". . . we do not consider that in the case of straight roads an overhand of up to 6 feet is likely to produce dangerous dark areas along the kerb and footways - and we therefore do not regard it as necessary that existing installations in which the overhang does not exceed this limit should be modified in this respect."

A point stressed by the Report, and one so often overlooked when a new lighting scheme is under consideration, is Maintenance, that is keeping the lamp columns in a clean and pleasing condition. It must also be taken into consideration that lamp columns are very much in evidence during the daytime, so that design, in relation to general surroundings, is very important.

Little is said in the Report of the strength of columns, but this point is covered by a specifcation now being drawn up by the British Standards Instituition. Lighting columns should be strong enough to withstand a severe shock without snapping off, to the danger of pedestrians. Our columns completely comply with this specification.

From what has been written above we can summarize the main essentials of a street lighting column as :-

1. To require the least amount of maintenance - painting.
2. To present a good appearance by day.
3. To withstand severe shocks without snapping.

Forseeing the need of columns to answer to all the above requirements, we produced a reinforced concrete lamp column some twelve years ago. After years of hard work and experimenting, we were able to issue our first list in 1931.

The first list shewed seven designs of columns up to 15 feet high to spigot. Further lits have followed, the number of designs and heights increased until we are now supplying over forty different designs and heights. Every series desgined is registered.

This list and our "Modern Lightign" list, with short columns, will shew that we have tried to meet the needs of the lighting engineers. The enormous number of authorities using and placing repeat orders for our columns encourages us to believe that we have successeded.

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