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The "ORBITAL" is one of a complete range of fittings available for Mercury Discharge Lamps of 250/400 watt, the body is constructed of cast aluminium alloy, which has been provide in service for the past ten years. Each lantern is dispatched completely wired. Robust construction is an outstanding feature, and special attention has been paid to easy access of the interior. The distribution is by means of specially designed refractor prisms, which ensure the fullest possible utilization of light from the discharge lamp for road illumination.
The "GOLDREN-RAY" fitting incorporates specially designed refractor plates, combining horizontal and vertical prisms which ensure the fullest possible use of light from teh lamp for road illumination.

All component parts are of first-class material and many thousands of these fittings were in service prior to the war. For use with 45, 60, 85 and 140-watt sodium lamps.

The "ROYSTON", with an hexagonal body is cast in one piece and focal position for the two sizes of lamps are incorporated. The single piece dome refractor is available to give symmetric, axial or non-axial distribution, and is held by an ingenious quick release device based on the bayonet principle, which has the additional feature that it is impossible to replace the refractor incorrectly when removed for cleaning. For use with 300/500 watt Tungsten lamps or 80 and 125 watt merucry fluorescent lamps.

The "STEVENAGE" is similar to the "Royston" but with the addition of a clear outer glboe which is held in a cast globe ring, the fitting being completely dust-proof.
The "WELWYN" fitting is an original design embodying a one-piece aluminium alloy casting with an entirely new design of single-piece refractor, giving 170° distribution in the horizontal plane. Pre-determined fixing stops are incorporated to ensure that each size of lamp is in correct focal position in relation to the refractor. 60/200 watt Tungsten lamps or 80 and 125-watt mercury lamps can be fitted.

The "WARE" is similar in design and construction to the "Welwyn" but has an additional clear outer globe held in a cast hinged ring; a combination of felt gaskets ensures that the fitting is dust-proof. Provision is made for fixing a 16 in. diameter vitreous-enamelled reflector if required.

The "BALDOCK". In place of the dome refractor and clear outer globe of the "Ware", the optical system of this lantern consists of a bowl refractor which is available to give axial or non-axial distribution. A smooth exterior surface facilitates maintenance and the fitting is dust-proof.

The "PINNACLE" for use with 80 and 125-watt mercury discharge lamps and gas-filled lamps up to 200-watts. Where economy has to be a deciding factor in street lighting installations there is a very great demand for this fitting. Made in two designs, 2-way and 3-way Front extension and 3-way Back extension, many thousands of these fittings are in service in all parts of the country. The detachable top and body are cast-iron, the top being held by 3 substantial screws. The porcelain lampholder is adjustable for correct focal position and has an anti-vibration device which greatly reduces lamp breakage. The mirrored reflecting surface is treated to withstand climatic conditions and the individual sections are easily replaceable with the fitting in position.

The surfce of the mirrored reflectors is dimpled to minimize glare and great care has been taken in setting them to obtain the best possible road illumination. The fitting is supplied to give either 160° or 180° plan distribution.