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Foster & Pullen Ltd

Foster & Pullen Ltd.
Avil Works
Crossley Hall

Started making public lighting equipment in 1896.

The firm were producing in 1932: Square lanterns with both stainles steel reflectors and Holophane refractors for street lighting; Strip Lanterns for advertising purposes; the well-known "U-type" fittings and a varied series of burners. - APLE Exhibition Catalogue 1932

The company exhibited the Alpha lamp in two sizes, the Arcturus lamp in five sizes, and a range of governors, lever cocks, conversion burners and connectors. - Public Lighting #3, 1936

The firm's booth at the 1936 APLE Conference at Cheltenham.

They exhibited the Arcturus lamp and Sideway lamp at the APLE's conference in 1937. - APLE Conference Programme 1937

A good display of "Avil" equipment for public lighting by gas is being displayed on the stand. This includes the Alpha, the newly introduced Beta, two Sideways lanterns on different brackets, the Arcturus and the Standard.- APLE Conference Programme 1938

The firm continue to expand their range in 1939 with the new Orion, Colunio and Gledhow. The Sideways lantern is also being exhibited. - APLE Conference Programme 1939

One of several manufacturers who produced the Standard Gas Industry Fitting for converting gas lanterns to comply with war-time starlight conditions. - Public Lighting #17, April 1940.

The firm have started producing lamps and lanterns again after making articles for the armed forces. - APLE Conference Programme 1945

A range of scaled down Group 'B' lanterns are displayed. Shortages of labour and essential raw materials are being slowly overcome. - APLE Conference Programme 1945

Scale models indicate the range of public lighting equipment available. Any Group "B" scheme can be carried out by any of the lanterns shown. - APLE Conference Programme 1946

Installation of Sideway lanterns along Portland Street, Southport for the 1947 Conference.

Are introducing the new Sideways and Alpha lanterns. Both have been installed on the streets of Southport for the conference. - APLE Conference Programme 1947

The Illuminating Engineer 1928
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APLE Conference Programme Bournemouth 1938
APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1939
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APLE Conference Programme Southport 1947