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The "Wembley" lanterns described and illustrated in the following pages incorporate a number of features which have been evolved as a result of years of experiment and research. These include G.E.C. English-made refractors, giving the correct medium power magnification which results in the best road brithness and visibility over the road surface. The non-axial types are particularly effective for units mounted over the kerb and ensure even light distribution over the whole width of the roadway. An outstandign feature of these types is the simplicity of fixing and location of the G.E.C. refractors. The words "STREET SIDE" are moulded in the glass both at the top and bottom, and the refractor plate is similarly marked, locating lugs ensuring that teh refractor is inserted correctly, and green markings serve as a further guide. In all "Wembley" lanterns the refractor plate can be removed and set to line up the refractor with the road direction, and in the new open type "Wembley" lanterns the body of the lantern can be turned for the same purpose. This means that the watertight joint between the bracket and lantern is not disturbed.

Further advances have been made in the directional control of light in street lighting lanterns. The new G.E.C. Z 5525 and Z 5515 non-ventilated lanterns have, in addition to the G.E.C. English-made dome refractor, as used in the now world-famous "Wembley" lantern, a scientifically designed English-made bowl refractor which controls and evenly distributes all the light in the downward direction.

The G.E.C. English-made bowl refractor Z 6609 has a special locating lug moulded on one side of the glass, this fitting into the slot provided by the vitreous enamelled reflector of the lantern, thus the refractor can be removed for cleaning and replaced without the necessity of re-alignment. In addition, a line diagram is moulded into the base of the glass showing the correct position of the refractor to be installed relative to the road.

Totally enclosed "Wembley" lanterns are dustproof and the efficiency of the light souce cannot easily become impaired by the accumulation of dust or dirt on the interior surface of the lanterns.

Another important consideration is that the amount of cleaning necesary for maintaining the lighting efficiency is reduced to a minimum. In the totally enclosed types of "Wembley" lanterns the fact that the interior only requires occasionally cleaning, even in industrial smoke-laden areas, ensurses a large saving in general maintenance, an occasional wiping of the outer globe being all that is necessary to maintain for long periods the maximum illumination.

The efficiency of the OSRAM gasfilled lamp is in no way impaired by any additional heat in the totally enclosed "Wembley" lantern and the OSRAM Street Lighting guarantee applies equally to all ranges. In the 300 to 1,500-watt types of totally enclosed "Wembley" lanterns, internl wiring of heat-resisting flexible is provided with an improved external terminal connecting box. A hinged detachable outer reflector of vitreous enamelled steel is provided.

A special line has been added to the alredy extensive range of "Wembley" lanterns. Designed for the large installation where initial cost is the main consideration, this lantern incorporates all the well-known advantages of the earlier non-ventilated patterns, but has a new artistic body design. The body is made of heavy gauge spun copper with vitreous enamelled steel reflectors. A strong casting holds the G.E.S. porcelain lampholder, which is wired internally with special heat-resisting cable to the Type D connecting box.

This lantern, Z 5034, is produced in 1000/1500-watt size at a slightly lower cost than the standard 1000/1500-watt "Wembley" lantern Z 5031, and for purposes of matching lantern in the same installation the Z 5024 500 watt has been produced with the same body design. This lantern has the additional advantage that it can be fitted with the new bowl refractor Z 6609 and easily converted to the new type lantern Z 5525.

Open Type Refractor Lanterns
These are less expensive models, as they do not include the outer enclosing globe. The same efficient distribution of light is obtained with this series, providing the refractor is kept clean. They meet a demand for cheaper models, where first cost is of prime importance, and the reduction fo cost of maintenance and cleaning is not so necessary.

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