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Clearspace 8285
For Osram Fluorescent Tubes

Specification Clearspace 8285 Lantern

The lantern has been designed to raise the level of lighting and amenities at railway stations to a standard appropiate to modern conditions. It is also used to display the station name.

The lantern is intended for a mounting height of about 13 ft. and 40 ft. spacing.

It is recommended that on the single platforms the lanterns are mounted parallel with the track, and on island platforms at right angles to it.

The light distribution is such that both methods of mounting provide very even illumination, averaging about 1 lumen per sq ft over the whole platform area. By arranging the lanterns on the island platforms at right angles to the direction of travel of the train, it is easier for passengers to read the station names on the lanterns as they pass.

Two 5 ft 80W Osram fluorescent tubes type MCF/U.

The lantern is arranged for post top mounting on a concrete or metal pole. It is held in position by two vertical bolts. The control gear necessary to operate the two tubes is housed in the column base.

The lantern body is made of light alloy with high corrosion-resisting properties, and has a hinged top which can be opened for access to the tubes by loosening two thumb screws. When the top is open, it is supported by a stop in a position which enables it to be used conveniently as a tray when carrying out routine maintenance. A felt gasket makes the joint weatherproof when the top is closed.

A steel tube at the bottom of the lantern carries a central malleable iron mounting cap which is attached to the top of the column by two bolts. Special attention has been given in the whole lantern design to easy maintenance and resistance to the effects of weather, smoke and dust. The fluorescent tubes, arranged one above the other, are totally enclosed by an opalescent 'Perspex' trough of low light absorption. The sides of the bowl may have the name of a railway station applied with 'Perspex' letters.

Dimensions And Weight
Length: 5ft. 5½in.
Height: 1 ft. 3&frac4;in.
Width: 10¼in.
Weight: 56 lb.

The Z8285 lantern with the top canopy open showing the interior.

Equilux diagram for a Z8285 Railway Platform lantern equipped with two 80W Osram 5 ft fluorescent tubes (8,480 lumens average).

Data given refer to the illumination in Lm/ft2 on a horizontal plane at platform level with a lantern mounting height of 13 ft. 6 in.

Light distribution data are given for the guidance of the lighting engineer and represent the average results of laboratory tests on a number of lanterns taken at random from stock. The data are based on the tube characteristics stated; if the latest tube efficiency is different, the candela or lumen values should be calculated in direct proportion to the relative tube lumens.

Z8285 Railway Platform lanterns installed at Seven Kings Station on the Eastern Region of British Railways.