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Clearspace 8290
For Osram Fluorescent Tubes

Specification Clearspace 8290 Lantern

The lantern has been designed to raise the level of lighting and amenities at railway stations to a standard appropriate to modern conditions. It is also used to display the station name.

The lantern is intended for a mounting height of about 13ft. (3.97 m) and a spacing of 40ft. (12.2 m).

Two 5 ft 80W Osram fluorescent tubes type MCF/U.

The lantern is supplied with two ¾ in. dia. holes at 3 ft. 6 in. (1.07 m) centres in the top canopy for conduit suspension.

The main lantern body support is provided by a steel strap moulded into, and reinforcing, the glass fibre canopy. The conduit suspension tubes pass through and are locked to this strap, thus relieving the glass fibre canopy of any strain. The tube control gear is mounted on a tray also secured to the steel strap, by two wing nuts, enabling the whole of the control gear assembly and wiring to be easily removed.

The fluorescent tubes are suspended from brackets on the underside of the tray in such a manner as to ensure easy removal.

The top cover is moulded from glass fibre reinforced plastic which is resistant to weather and acid-laden atmospheres.

The enclosing trough is blown in opal 'Perspex' and clamped along its edge between an extruded aluminium moulding and a welded steel frame which together form a rigid rim.

The trough is secured to the top cover by six DZUS fasteners and a watertight joint is obtained by a rubber ring embedded in the cover. As an additional water protection this joint line is protected by a deep drip edge. The trough is easily removed by moving the fasteners half a turn, which allows it to drop down exposing the control gear, tray and tubes. To hold the trough when lowered it is suspended form the main body of the lantern by two short lengths of chain.

The fluorescent tubes are totally enclosed by an opalescent 'Perspex' trough of low light absorption.

The sides of the trough many have the name of a railway platform station applied with 'Perspex' letters.

Post Top Type Z8288
The lantern can also be supplied in a post-top mounting version. Its construction details are similar to the lantern described above and the catalogue number is Z8288.

Dimensions And Weight
Length: 5ft. 9in. (1.75 m.)
Height: 9½in. (241.3 mm)
Width: 10in. (254.0 mm)
Weight: 49 lb. (including gear).

The Z8290 Under Canopy Lantern with the enclosing trough lowered showing the fluorescent tube arrangement and the detachable control gear tray.

Equilux diagram for a Z8290 Railway Platform lantern equipped with two 80W Osram 5 ft fluorescent tubes (8,480 lumens average).

Data given refer to the illumination in Lm/ft2 on a horizontal plane at platform level with a lantern mounting height of 13ft. 6in. (4.12 m).

Light distribution data are given for the guidance of the lighting engineer and represent the average results of laboratory tests on a number of lanterns taken at random from stock. The data are based on the tube characteristics stated; if the latest tube efficiency is different, the candela or lumen values should be calculated in direct proportion to the relative tube lumens.

Part of an installation of Z8290 Under Canopy railway platform lanterns installed at Banbury Station on the Western Region of British Railways.