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clearmain 8426 lantern

This four page brochure is concerned exclusively with the GEC Z8426 lantern.

The brochure is part of a set of similar, separate brochures which were distributed together as a set with a introduction sheet. The text from the introduction sheet is given below.

Unfortunately the second and third pages are missing.

Someone has written 8524/6 on the front, which were the numbers of the second version of these lanterns (with the smaller shoe). The back page has the number "1761" and "(August 1965)" printed below the footer.

Clearmain Z8426 Lantern

From the beginning of this century The General Electric Co. Ltd., has played a leading role in the design and manufacture of street lighting equipment, so that today G.E.C. lanterns light thousands of miles of roads in many parts of the world.

Some of the Company's most notable contributions in this field have been in the development of electric lamps specially suitable for street lighting.

As long ago as 1932 the mercury lamp was developed in the G.E.C. Research Laboratories at Wembley and since then an enormous amount of work has been done on later forms of mercury lamps, sodium lamps and fluorescent tubes of both hot and cold cathode types.

As a result of electric discharge lamp development, the efficiency of street lighting has increased so far during the last twenty-five years that nowadays for equal energy consumption the amount of light falling on the road surface is several hundred per cent higher than was obtainable with filament lamps.

Parallel with this work has been the Company's research into improved lanterns including new optical systems, mechanical arrangement, glassware and plastics.

The lanterns illustrated in this catalogue, many of them shown for the first time, are all part of the most competitive range of quality street lighting equipment available in the country.

The opportunity has been taken to rename all of them to simplify their ordering and identification for the jobs they have to do.

Clearmain - the new series name for all G.E.C. Lanterns for Group A lighting.

Clearside - the new series name for all G.E.C. Lanterns for Group B lighting.

Clearspace - the new series name for all G.E.C. Lanterns for promenades, squares, forecourts, underpass and open space lighting.

The sections for each lantern type are identified by colour in the catalogue. Together with G.E.C. auxiliary gear and columns and the facilities of an Erection Department, G.E.C. Lighting & Equipment Limited can offer a complete exterior lighting service for the basic planning of schemes right through to their eventual installation.