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c. h. kempton and company, limited.

C. H. Kempton And Company Limited, Kempton And Son Limited
Stangate House
235 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1
C. H. Kempton And Company Limited
70 Bennerley Road
London SW11

Founded by Mr. C. H. Kempton.

In 1932, they were producing square and circular lanterns for Street Lighting. Of particular note were the Majestic and Kemborn models, which were circular gas lanterns offering 1000 and 400 c.p. respectively and could be fitted with optional stainless steel directional reflectors. - APLE Exhibition Catalogue 1932

They exhibited a range of lamps for Public Lighting at the APLE's 1936 Conference in Cheltenham. - Public Lighting #3, 1936

Displayed their Majestic and Starlyte lamps at the APLE's Folkestone conference. - APLE Conference Programme 1937

Showed their latest low pressure gas lamps to the requirements specified in the MOT Final Report on Street Lighting at the 1938 Conference. The Triumph and redesigned Starlyte lanterns were shown along with the Majestic, Kempborn and Heathfield lamps. The units can have refractors, stainless steel wing reflectors or "Multiplane" mirror glass reflectors added. - APLE Conference Programme 1938

The Triumph and Starlyte are the principle lanterns being exhibited whilst the Majestic, Kemborn and Heathfield lanterns are also mentioned. The firm have also moved to Battersea. - APLE Conference Programme 1939

One of several manufacturers who produced the Standard Gas Industry Fitting for converting gas lanterns to comply with war-time starlight conditions. - Public Lighting #17, April 1940.

Mr. C. H. Kempton, aged 80, and former Managing Director, passed away on June 22nd 1941. - Public Lighting #22, July-September 1941.

As soon as circumstances permit the company will be again placing on the market a range of lamps and lanterns that in pre-war days were in demand. - Public Lighting #44, 1944

Apologied for not attending the APLE's Glasgow Conference due to "being engaged on war production and owing to the present acute shortage of labour." - APLE Conference Programme 1945

Displayed their Stellaris lanterns at the APLE's Southport conference. - APLE Conference Programme 1947

APLE Exhibition Catalogue Blackpool 1932
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