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Highly efficient MA Lantern for use with 90W, 135W and 180W SOX low pressure sodium lamps. Unique optics provide both 'cut-off' and 'semi cut-off' distribution in one lantern. The lantern, comprising of three interchangeable modules, minimises stock of spares. RANGE

Modular construction comprising of bowl, canopy and spigot entry available without gear or with hingeable gear shoe in the following ratings.

90W Overall length 819mm
90W Overall length 1002mm with gear shoe
135W Overall length 1066mm
135W Overall length 1249mm with gear shoe
180W Overall length 1411mm
180W Overall length 1594mm with gear shoe


Modern motorway and major road where 'cut-off' and 'semi cut-off' distribution is required from one lantern - giving both efficiency and uniformity to the overall scheme.

The MA SOX lantern - winner of the Design Council Award 1975.


  • Dual purpose lantern with unique optics provides both 'cut-off' and 'semi cut-off' distribution from a single lantern. A simple adjustment of the lampholder and lamp support bracket alters the position in the housing to provide the two light distributions with no additional components.
  • Optical system designed to meet the BS1788 and BS4533 'cut-off' and 'semi cut-off' and C.I.E. 12 'semi cut-off' requirements.
  • Versatility of the product reduces spares stock and maintenance costs. Greater visibile uniformity on lighting schemes.
  • Basic modular construction. A complete lantern comprises of three separate components: canopy, prismatic bowl and spigot entry module.
  • Canopy and bowl can be standardized throughout the scheme.
  • Spigot entry module available without control gear housing or with integral hinged gear shoe. The modular construction offers easier installation, maintenance and lower maintenance stock.
  • Injection moulded acrylic reflector bowl with high quality interior prisms.
  • Hinged gear shoe when released from safety catches can be completely removed for replacement.
  • Electrical connections are made by plug and socket and the integral gear version incorporates replaceable cartridge fuse link.
  • The canopy is constructed in glass fibre re-inforced polyester (GRP) and formed by a special pressing method, giving a very smooth surface structure that discourages dust and grime from settling. The pressing method prevents inherent stresses from forming in the canopy during construction, and combines great mechanical and tensile strength when subject to vibration.
  • The GRP canopy is self-coloured white throughout and combines an additive to improve UV resistance. It is light in weight, is resistant to chemical and weather influences and will not discolour.
  • Lamp compartment is housed in the canopy module separate from the control gear module; a specification requirement now in force in many countries for motorway lighting.
  • All internal wiring is of heat resistant material.
  • Low profile canopy with low drag sepcailly designed to minimise the windage area and so reduce the amount of street on the column.

  • Built in provision for one or two part photocells. The lantern can be supplied complete with photocell.
  • Stainless steel used for all exposed bolts and screws to resist corrosion.
  • Stainless steel spring clips allow reflector bowls to be safely hinged down for cleaning or complete removal of the bowls.
  • Spigot entry module, made from die-cast non-corrosive aluminium alloy, designed for side entry mounting configuration for either 42 or 48mm spigots.
  • Extruded neoprene gasket between canopy and bowl provides resilient seal. Spring clips ensure an even pressure all round.

Reflector bowl: injection moulded acrylic.
Canopy: glass fibre re-inforced polyester (GRP) pressing.
Spigot: Die-cast non-corrosive alloy.
Gasket for housing: extruded neoprene rubber.
Fixing clips: spring stainless steel.
Internal wiring: heat resistance PVC.


For easy installation, maintenance and stock control, the new range of lanterns are of modular construction. The canopy and bowl are basic components to which a spigot entry module, either without control gear or with hingeable gear shoe, is added.


To specify state:

  • Lanterns shall be certified by the British Standards Institution as fully complying with the requirements of BS 4533: Part 2: Section 2.7: 1976.
  • Lanterns shall be of a type currently acceptable to the Department of the Environment.
  • The Lantern shall ahve a downward light output ratio of 0.74 (cut-off) or 0.75 (semi cut-off).
  • The Lantern shall be totally enclosed side entry mounting on 42/48 mm o.d. spigots 100 mm long and suitable for use with SOX low pressure sodium lamps.
  • The Lantern shall have, as an integral part of the design, adjustment for both 'semi cut-off' light distribution and 'cut-off' light distribution.
  • The Lantern shall have International Protection category IP23.
  • The Lantern shall be similar to Philips MA SOX range.

Comparison of the number of separate stock types required to cover the full range of Group 'A' SOX applications, using first a typical Group 'A' range, and secondly the new Philips MA range. Both produce the same application capability.


Lamp Rating Lighting Design Lamp, Volts Lamp, Current Dimensions mm Cap Packing
LumensVA NominalO/A Length Dia.Qty.


Catalogue No. Description Rating Total Circuit Voltage @ 50Hz Dimensions mm Fixing Centre Weight Packing
WattsO/A LengthWidthBodykgQty.
L5090BX90W Ballast-118230/250188101.5139.5171.55.406
L4025/0790W Capacitor25uF-2509545--0.1430
L4135135W/180W Ballast-*190/250188.5106130176.56.804
L5020/07135W/180W Capacitor20uF-3009545--0.1230
*135W circuit 175 Watts
*180W circuit 220 Watts


Description Cat. No. Voltage Range Switch Differential Weight, kg. Packing, Qty.
3-pin twist (one-part)SS4200/250V1:20.2010


Catalogue Number Description Packing Qty. Catalogue Number Description Packing Qty.
R802090W Gear Unit1R815490W Refractor Bowl1
R8021135W/180W Gear Unit1R8155135W Refractor Bowl1
R8156180W Refractor Bowl1



Refractor typeInjection moulded acrylic
Lampholder positionCut-off Lamp position 1
Semi Cut-off Lamp position 3
Angle of tilt

Light Output Ratios

Cut-OffSemi Cut-Off
Upper hemisphere.02.02
Lower hemisphere: Total0.740.75
Lower hemisphere: Road side0.370.375
Lower hemisphere: Kerb side0.370.375
Cut-OffSemi Cut-Off
Light output in lower hemisphere (downward flux lumens)Light output in lower hemisphere (downward flux lumens)
Luminous flux122502120031500

Type of distributionCut-OffSemi Cut-Off
Downward light output ratio0.740.75
Angle of elevation, upper limit of beam70°80°
Angle of elevation, lower limit of beam58°73°
Peak intensity ratio2.121.92
Downward zone Maximum Intensity Ratio/TD>1.501.44
Downward zone, Minimum Intensity Ratio0.920.93
Downward zone, Maximum Intensity
Downward zone, Peak Intensity70%74%
0° to 30° from vertical in all directions
Angle of elevation at which the intensity ratio is 1.2 in the vertical plane parallel to the street axis74½°83°
Intensity ratio at the horizontal in the vertical plane parallel to the street axis0.120.17
Angle of Azimuth between beam centre and road axis
Ordering CodeRatingDownward Light
Output Ratio
Control GearNEMA PhotoWeightWindage
Semi Cut-OffCut-OffLengthDepthCell Socket FittedM2M2
MA90090XDS001 x 90W SOX0.750.74819180LOOSENO6.100.210.13
MA90090XDS00*11 x 90W SOX0.750.74819180LOOSEYES6.300.210.13
MA90090XDSG01 x 90W SOX0.750.741002180INTEGTALNO14.500.250.16
MA90090XDSG0*11 x 90W SOX0.750.741002180INTEGTALYES14.700.250.16
MA50135XDS001 x 135W SOX0.750.741066180LOOSENO7.500.280.17
MA50135XDS00*11 x 135W SOX0.750.741066180LOOSEYES7.700.280.17
MA50135XDSG01 x 135W SOX0.750.741249180INTEGRALNO17.300.320.20
MA50135XDSG0*11 x 135W SOX0.750.741249180INTEGRALYES17.500.320.20
MA60180XDS001 x 180W SOX0.750.741411180LOOSENO9.400.380.23
MA60180XDS00*11 x 180W SOX0.750.741411180LOOSEYES9.600.380.23
MA60180XDSG01 x 180W SOX0.750.741594180INTEGRALNO19.200.420.27
MA60180XDSG0*11 x 180W SOX0.750.741594180INTEGRALYES19.400.420.27