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For Group 'A' Road lighting and Area Lighting offering a choice of SON lamps or PowerWhite (MBF/U = HPL) lamps. Cut-off or Semi cut-off light distribution from one lantern. For use with remote mounted control gear.

Choice of two lamp types and five wattages:
Energy saving SON lamp 150W, 250W and 400W
or alternative
PowerWhite (MBF/U = HPL) 250W and 400W.

Possible applications include:

  • Motorways
  • Highways
  • Secondary roads
  • Area lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Factory perimeter lighting
  • Garage forecourts


  • Lightweight aluminium canopy, of spun aluminium construction, pre-treated stove-enamelled white, both outside and inside.
  • Spigot entry corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium alloy (LM6M).
  • One piece acrylic bowl attached to the body with stainless steel clips.
  • No clips on bowls ensuring easy storage without scratching bowls.
  • Nylon bowl retaining straps - unclip easily to allow full access for maintenance.
  • Neoprene gasket ensures dust and weatherproof seal.
  • Degree of Protection IP23.
  • 42mm diameter (1¼" BSP) spigot entry, 100mm long.

Features continued
  • Lanterns pre-wired with heat resistant cables to terminal block and GES lampholder with separate cable clamp.
  • Lantern to accept NEMA sockets or two part photocell supplied if required.
  • Optical system uses highly polished side reflectors, made from super purity aluminium alloy, chemically brightened and anodised.
  • Cut-off and semi cut-off light distribution acheived by simple adjustment of the lampholder position and the mirrors.
  • Lanterns designed to comply with BS 1788 and BS 4533.
  • Lanterns supplied in semi cut-off form, ready for 250W SON/MBF light distribution.
  • Suitable earthing facilities adjacent to terminal block.


  • See C.I.S. No. 42.
  • Certified by the British Standards Institution as fully complying with BS 4533 and BS 1788.
  • Lanterns are of a type currently acceptable to the Department of the Environment.
  • The downward light output ratio exceeds 0.75.
  • Lanterns are totally enclosed, side entry mounting on a 42-48mm o.d. spigot 100mm long and suitable for use with:
    1. High-pressure Sodium (SON) discharge lamps.
    2. High-pressure Mercury Fluorescent (MBF) discharge lamps.
  • Integral adjustment for both semi cut-off and cut-off light distribution.
  • Control gear situated remote from lantern.
  • Provision for fixing and wiring NEMA socket, if required.
To specify state:
Roadlighting lantern which fully complies with the requirements of BS 4533 and BS 1788. The lantern shall have, as an integral part of its construction, the facility for providing either cut-off or semi cut-off light distribution by simple adjustment of the lampholder and mirror and shall be Philips MA 30 or similar.


  • Canopy: Spun aluminium finished white stoved enamel.
  • Bowl: Acrylic plastic.
  • Sealing gasket: Neoprene seal.
  • Spigot entry: Cast aluminium LM6M.
  • Reflectors: Super purity aluminium alloy. Chemically brightened and anodised.


  • Supply Voltage: 240 Volt 50 Hz supply subject to statutory tolerances.
  • Earthing: Suitable facilities adjacent to lampholder.

Lamp typeLumensCapBallastVoltageIgnitorLamp Lamp Total RecommendedMain CurrentFuse
type tapped type VoltageCurrentCircuitP.F. Amperes Amperes Rating
type tapped type (V)(A)WattsCapacitorStartRunHRC
150W SON13,500GESL414BX240S501001.8174L4016/071.20.910
250W SON24,000GESL4254210/225/240S501003.02802 x L4016/071.81.310
400W SON45,000GESL4404210/225/240S501054.44402 x L4020/073.02.215
250W MBF/U = HPL12,000GESL5250BX240-1352.0268L4016/072.11.310
400W MBF/U = HPL21,500GESL5400BX240-1403.2424L4020/073.52.115
number Length (mm)Depth (mm)Kg.Quantity
MA30Roadlighting Lantern for 150, 250 and 400W SON and 250 and 400W MBF/U=HPL7303105.01
MA30*1Roadlighting Lantern for 150, 250 and 400W SON and 250 and 400W MBF/U=HPL with NEMA Socket fitted7303105.21
Specify lamp and control gear required when ordering.
When using 400 Watt Semi cut-off a bowl patch is required and available free of charge on request.
Products offered for sale may differ from those described or illustrated in this leaflet due to later production changes in specifications, components or place of manufacture. The contents of this leaflet are therefore not to be treated as representations as to the current availability of products as described, or as to products actually offered for sale.
Please order lanterns in the form given in the following example:
80 Philips lanterns MA30
80 Philips mercury fluorescent lamps 250W MBF/U
80 Philips ballasts L5250BX
80 Philips PF capacitors L4016/07

Note that lamps and control gear should be ordered separately.

Made in Great Britain