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Sangamo Weston Limited
British Sangamo Company Limited
Cambridge Arterial Road,

The firm's name is British Sangamo Company Limited until January 1939. At some point between that date and the next advert in July 1939, the firm's name changes to Sangamo Weston Limited.

The firm are exhibiting various Sangamo Time Switches and apparatus for street lighting control. Among the Time Switches the most important is the Sangamo Type S.S. Time Switch, a small synchronous switch particularly suitable for street lighting control. Other exhibits include various Sangamo street lighting psot boxes and a range of Illumination Meters from Weston. - Public Lighting #10, 1938 and APLE Conference Programme 1938

The type SSC (SS in the adverts) Solar Dial synchronous switch is described. The main features of the switch are the Solar Dial which settings can be made up to three-quarters of an hour either side of sunrise or sunset, the Day Omitting Device to cut out the whole sequence of operations on any day or days of the week, and the External Manual Operation by means of which the switch may be externally operating by hand without disturbing the sequence of operations. Solar Dials are supplied for four different latitude ranges: 50° 52° 54° and 56°. - APLE Conference Programme 1939

Several switch types are available for street lighting applications and all use the Type G Synchronous Motor. The "S" range is outlined but full details of the various options of the "SS" range are described. - APLE Conference Programme 1945

The time switches are of the synchronous motor-driven type. The "SS" switches are enclosed in bakelite cases and are of the plug-in type, the bakelite base forming the plug receptacle. Various weatherproof post mounting boxes are available for use with these switches. The switches are fitted with a standard 24-hour dial, with a solar dial for operating at times of sunrise and sunset, or with a 1-hour dial. All switches are supplied as single pole, single throw types and the 24-hour and solar switches are also available with single pole, double throw, changeover contacts. The day omitting device, when fitted, enables the operations to be cut out on any predetermined day or days of the week. - APLE Conference Programme 1946

Are exhibiting the SS, S15 and S8 time switches. Also are showing the HMT House Service Meters for registering the energy consumed by lighting and power circuits; and Indicating Instruments for measuring voltage, current and power. - APLE Conference Programme 1947

APLE Conference Programme Bournemouth 1938
APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1939
APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1945
APLE Conference Programme London 1946
APLE Conference Programme Southport 1947

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