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Spun Concrete

Simpson (Rye Harbour) Limited and Spun Concrete Limited
Rye Harbour, Rye, Sussex

In 1938, the firm are trading as both Simpson (Rye Harbour) Ltd. and Spun Concrete Ltd and have been supplying concrete poles in large quantities throughout England. They can supply hollow spun concrete poles from 12' through to 50'.

The standards are spun by a highly pefected centrifugal process which ensures:

  • Uniformity and Density of Concrete. The density approximates 160lbs. per cubic foot.
  • Absolute Impermeability.
  • Centralising of Reinforcement. The centrifugal action keeps the reinforcement automatically and securely in place.
  • Uniform Hollow Core.

The Reinforcement is of their own design and consists of rods and spirals disposed in the most effective way; not a metal tube along the centre.

Standard designs for Single and Double Arms, Bases and Finials and Fuse Boxes are available. - APLE Conference Programme 1938

Reinforced Concrete Hollow Spun Poles are a speciality of this firm and have been supplied in large quantities throughout England. Columns, brackets and arms at 15-ft. or 25-ft. are available in a range of pleasing designs. They have also solved the problem of adequate base-chamber space with minimum sidewalk obstruction. By means of its centrifugal process to ensure uniformity at high density of concrete at 160 lb per cu. ft., it achieves absolute impermeability, infallible centralization of the reinforcement, and minimum weight with maximum strengh. - APLE Conference Programme 1946

Simplicity of line and avoidance of superfluous embellishments are characteristic of all Spun Concrete Columns and combine to produce a range of graceful and pleasing designs that will harmonise with almost any surroundings. The centrifugally spun process employed in the manufacturer of these products ensures a high density of concrete, giving maximum strength with a minimum weight, infallibly centralised re-inforcement and close texture finish impervious to salt-laden or sulphurous atmosphere. This finish is permanent and requires no painting or other maintenance treatment. The base design has been carefully studied to ensure adequate and unrestricted space in the Base Chamber, combined with minimum footpath obstruction. - APLE Conference Programme 1946

APLE Conference Programme Bournemouth 1938
APLE Conference Programme London 1946
APLE Conference Programme Southport 1947