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Siemens Electric Lamps And Supplies Limited
38/9 Upper Thames Street
London, EC4

Are selling the Sheffield lantern in 1932 along with flood-lighting equipment, time switches and a complete range of lamps - APLE Exhibition Catalogue 1932

Sieray lamps type "H", "W" and Sieray-Duel are exhibited at the APLE's 1936 conference in Cheltenham. Street lighting lanterns for Directional and Symmetrical light distribution are shown along with the recently developed Regent-Sieray lantern. - Public Lighting #3, 1936

The firm exhibit 400W Sieray Lamps with Choke Coils and Condensers around Folkestone for the APLE's 1937 conference. The Regent-Sieray and Bi-Way lanterns are installed for the exhibition along with various floodlights. - APLE Conference Programme 1937

A representative selection of "Sieray" and metal filament lamps are shown at the 1938 conference. This includes "Sieray" lamps for vertical and horizontal burning positions and the 80W and 125W "Sieray" "Q.H. lamps (aka the new high pressure mercury). Street lighting lanterns shown include the new Barnet-Sieray Lantern and the Albion-Sieray Lantern. Small lanterns suitable for side street lighting with 80W and 125W Sieray Lamps are also shown. - APLE Conference Programme 1938

Secured a contract from the Air Ministry for 12 months' supply of their electric lamps. - Public Lighting #14, 1939

The Barnet-Sieray (designed for use with MA/H or MAT lamps) and the Sola-Sieray (designed for use with SO/H lamps) lanterns are being exhibited. - APLE Conference Programme 1939

The company looks forward to supplying authorities again as soon as circumstances permit. - Public Lighting #44, 1944

The firm have been busy in 1945. The Barnet-Sieray and newly styled Bi-Ray are being shown alongside the new Newton-Sieray and Camden-Sieray which use Holophane glassware. A collaboration with Concrete Utilities has resulted in the Concrete Lantern. They also feature fluorescent tubes for the fist time albeit as a long thin fixture for vehicle test-pits. APLE Conference Programme 1945

Standard "Sieray" electric discharge lamps are on view. Two Group "A" lanterns are being shown: the Barnet-Sieray and a new lantern using the Holophane 4140 bowl refractor. For Group "B" lighting, an enclosed version of the Newton-Sieray Minor is shown along with the Marton-Sieray, a small bowl refractor unit. All lanterns are shown on raising and lowering gear. The stand is illuminated by 80W "Daylight" fluorescent tubes in decorative fittings. The lighting of the showcase is carried out with the new 2-foot 20W "Sieray" fluorescent lamps. - APLE Conference Programme 1946

Installation of Siemens Euston-Sieray lanterns along East Bank Street.

Are showing the Barnet-Sieray and the Halton-Sieray at the conference with the new Euston-Sieray installed along East Back Street. - APLE Conference Programme 1947

The firm was consolidated into AEI Lamps And Lighting in 1956. The old manufacturing name of Siemens was dropped.

APLE Exhibition Catalogue Blackpool 1932
APLE Conference Programme Folkestone 1937
APLE Conference Programme Bournemouth 1938
APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1939
APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1945
APLE Conference Programme London 1946
APLE Conference Programme Southport 1947

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