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Simplex Electric Co, Ltd.
Empire House
Gt. Charles Street
Simplex Electric Co, Ltd.
Broadwell Road,
Birmingham UK

They are showing street lighting lanterns for Mercury Discharge Lamps of the prismatic refractor type. The lanterns are for either pole mounting, wall mounting, bracket arm mounting or central suspension. Lanterns designed for filament lamps are also shown. - Public Lighting #3, 1936

The firm are exhibiting a wide range of street lighting equipment, including lanterns, brackets, switch-boxes at the 1938 conference. They are showing for the first time the results of an intensive investigation by their Development Department into the whole of their Street Lighting Equipment. During the past year, the company has revised a great number of lanterns, and extended the range where necessary to cover the full requirements of the Final Report from the MOT. This includes a seris of vitreous-enamelled and spun copper lanterns, to suit all types and sizes of filament and discharge lamps all ingeniously made up from basic families of components so that one size of type can be readily converted into another. These Simplex Lantersn can be quickly converted, for example, from plain side-street lanterns to refractor types or from filament to discharge etc. - APLE Conference Programme 1938

The new Arteria lanterns are being exhibited along with the Refrax lantern having been installed in trial set-ups. The firm also offered lamps, chokes, condensers and control gear. - APLE Conference Programme 1939

The increase in the production facilities of the Company, as announced at the 1946 Conference, is beginning to have an effect. Their engineers are fully engaged in now preparing designs and tooling up to meet the future demands of the lighting industry as relaxation of current restrictions and the freeing of materials permit. Whilst new designs are being prepared for flow production a limited range of standardised patterns from the Company's pre-war range are available, including the Refrax lantern. As other forms of lighting pass their experimental stages other designs of Simplex lighting equipment will be available. - APLE Conference Programme 1947

APLE Conference Programme Bournemouth 1938
APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1939
APLE Conference Programme Southport 1947

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