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Standard Telephones And Cables Limited
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New Southgate
London N11

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D.C. Bias system developed and introduced in 1937. - APLE Conference Programme 1946

They exhibited a 30-foot model of the company's remote control of street lighting and ARP warning systems in a separate hall at the Bournemouth conference. - Public Lighting #11, September 1938

The company exhibited a model town in which their Direct Current Biasing System for control of Street Lighting, A.R.P. Services and Off Peak Load was demonstrated. It had been adopted in 30 boroughs and electricity undertakings and it was claimed to have the lowest maintenance costs possible in any centralised control system. An ordinary six volt heavy duty car type battery is used in each sub-station to inject into the low tension alternating current network direct current impulses whenever control has to be performed. Robust relays together with simple chokes for suppressing the alternating current from the receiving unit can be connected anywhere in the network. - APLE Conference Programme 1939

Standard Telephones and Cables announce a new central laboratory organisation to undertake long-term research and development in the telecommunication, electrons and allied fields. Standard Telecommunication Laboratories Limited will be housed at Progress Way, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield. - Public Lighting #41, April-June 1946

The need for satisfactory means of switching street lights on or off at will at any time in twenty four hours, and from a central point, led the Company to develop the D.C. Bias System of street lighting and off-peak load control. The system was installd in 1937 and rapidly found favour because of its outstanding features. (It was installed during the war at 118 R.A.F. stations - it played a novel part of cutting out non-essential services during failures of the main supply. In this way emergency plants, too small to carry the whole of the loads, were able to be reserved for essential operational circuits). Standard's latest achievements is the development and recent completion of the control system and equipment for airfield lighting and ground traffic at London Airport. A working model using "Perspex" strip lighting indicates the basic principles of operation of the D.C. Bias System of street lighting and off-peak load control. - APLE Conference Programme 1946

APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1939
APLE Conference Programme London 1946
APLE Conference Programme Eastbourne 1948

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