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Cranford lamp (from 1946 Paper)

The firm have made meters, fittings, gauges, governors and cocks, gasholders, structural steelwork and castings for gas manufacturer and distribution for over 100 years. They also made street lighting but discontinued the range many years ago. However, they are re-entering the market with the Cranford lamp. A prototype is exhibited. - APLE Conference Programe 1945

Since last year, tools have been provided for quick and accurate production of the many parts in the lamp. Many improvements have been embodied in the design: (1) The Clock Controller can be removed from the controller box by unscrewing two set screws; (2) Horstmann Comet Ignitors can now be employed; (3) The combined Constant Pressure Governor and remove control valve are housed in a neat pressed copper box. Access to these devices is easily obtained by unscrewing a knurled nut to remove the cover; (4) The glazing of the lamp can be completed within two minutes using special clips; (5) A new design of burner has been incorporated in which all primary air is drawn from outside the lantern to ensure stable flame conditions. It is a modern, efficient and attractive unit for Group "B" lighting. In construction it is a first-class engineering product, its special features including the use of heavy gauge pressings, all rivetted construction and superheaters specially proofed against corrosion, both internally and externally. The lamp is now in full production. - APLE Conference Programe 1946

Installation of Cranford lanterns along Seabank Road, Southport for the 1947 Conference.

Are exhibiting swan neck and twin lamp Cranford lamps at Southport. The spacings utilised in the demonstration vary considerably and engineers will eb able toassess the performance of the lamp under any conditions likely to be met with in practice. - APLE Conference Programe 1947

APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1945
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APLE Conference Programme Southport 1947

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