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Walter Slingsby And Co., Ltd.

Walter Slingsby & Company Limited
Worth Works
Woodhouse Road,

WASK was an acronym for "Walter A Slingsby of Keighley."

The firm were active until 2003 when they were taken over by The American Crane Company.

Exhibits at the APLE's 1936 conference in Cheltenham included scale demonstration models of their "WASK" Patent "Up and Down" Lamp Suspenders for both gas and electric lamps. The equipment lowers the lamp to the pavement without disconnecting the supply. - Public Lighting #3, 1936

They exhibited the short arm type "WASK" Patent "Up And Down" gear at the APLE's Folkestone conference which enable lamps to be lowered and brough to the kerb in one simple operation with the supply always connected by means of the hinged supply pipes, so the pilot light is never disconnected and there is no loose coupling to cause any leakage. Have introduced a new hook mechanism. The "Wask" gear is popular throughout the country including London. - APLE Conference Programme 1937

The stand was chiefly devoted to the "WASK" Patent "Up And Down" Lamp Suspenders for raising and lowering overhead gas and electric street lamps which the supply connected to the lamps at all times during the full process of raising and lowering. (This is useful for testing and adjusting the lamps.) Two large scale models were used to illustrate the function of the hook and the swivel joints and tubes, one with a gas lamp and the other with an electric lamp. Both taps will be actually alight to demonstrate that both gas and electric lamps can be lowered with the lamp alight so that all adjustments can be made on the kerb. The system could be fitted to lamps at any height or overhang. Also exhibited will be a selection of bracket arms and various fittings to suit tramway poles or increase the mounting heights of lamps. - Public Lighting #10, 1938 and APLE Conference Programme 1938

The firm have issued an illustrated brochure which describes in detail the complete range of the "Wask" patent lamp raising and lowering gear for modern street lighting by gas; also various designs of bracket arm and special fittings. - Public Lighting #11, 1938

The firm are again exhibiting their raising and lowering system, stressing that it's the only type of gear allowing the supply to remain connected. The new Extra Short Arm type patent hook is being used which has been specially designed to suit lamps mounted above the kerb on roads of less than 30 foot width. - APLE Conference Programme 1939

"It was arranged to demonstrate on Great Western Road, Glasgow, two of Siemens' lamps fitted with the usual "Wask" Patent Short Arm type Raising and Lowering Gear (similar column shown above which is in Wellingborough). With this gear the electricity supply is connected to the lamps by cables running inside hinged tubes which lower with the lamp.This arrangement is absolutely weather-tight and allows the lamp to be lowered in bad weather without fault. This gear is becoming increasingly popular for lamps on roundabouts planted with shrubs or flowers or in rural districts where use of ladders is costly." - Public Lighting #15, 1939

Improvements in apparatus for raising and removing gas, electric and other lamps (GB 435381)

APLE Conference Programme Folkestone 1937
APLE Conference Programme Bournemouth 1938
APLE Conference Programme Glasgow 1939

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