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My collection of photocopied pages from a 1950s REVO catalogue have now been uploaded. I'm not sure of the order, or even if the catalogue is complete, so if anyone's got the original, could you let me know.

Items in the collection: REVO C13192 Silvergold, REVO C13660 Cut-Off, REVO Sol D'Or, Thorn Beta 4 and Thorn Beta 5.

Lee Gale has been photographing more; this time a lone concrete column and some nice cast iron columns around Waterloo Station, London.

An ESLA Bi-Multi Group 'A' Two-Way 165oo has been restored on a Lucy Medium Sized bracket.

Often confused with ESLA Bi-Multis or the REVO Magnalite range, the REVO Directional Reflector Fittings have now been documented.

I've added some pictures of the street lighting museum at CU Phosco plus some archival shots of CU columns.

And here's an interesting, yet odd, piece of memorabilia: A Map Of England And Wales showing where all Gunfire timeswitch controllers were installed.

And some of the history of BLEECO has been unearthed.

All the adverts for the Special Conference Issue 1953 of Public Lighting have now been scanned.

Additions to the collection: ELECO HW 852, Holophane Caribe, GEC Z5640, Thorn Gamma 6 and ELECO GR 100.

And the first bracket and lantern have actually been installed: a Holophane 516/2/4607 Standard Type Duo Dome on a GEC Ushaw bracket.

A fully restored BLEECO Large Worthing on a large BLEECO Brighton And Hove bracket has been added to the site.

More concrete columns and brackets have been added to the concrete columns and brackets.

And yet more additions to the collection: ELECO GR 535, ESLA Bi-Multi Group 'AL' Two-way 120, ESLA Bi-Multi Group 'AL' Two-way 180, ESLA Bi-Multi Group 'AL' Three-way 205 75.5 75.5, ESLA Bi-Multi Group 'AL' Three-way 165 82.5 112.5, Philips MA 9, Thorn Beta 5 (on a mad bracket) and a Thorn Alpha 1.

Additions to my collection: Phosco P152, Phosco P223, Phosco P224, Phosco P280, Thorn Beta 7, Thorn Beta 7 - Holophane Bowl and Thorn Beta 7 - Anti-Vandal Bowl.

Added a couple of adverts from the 100th issue of Public Lighting: GEC's Lanterns For Use With Mercury Lamps and Stanton's Prestressed Spun Concrete Lighting Columns.

Alistair Bell's send in another snap from Blackpool showing some interesting concrete brackets for fluorescents.

Across the water in Dublin, I discovered a street lighting museum in a local park. And then I discovered I had an Irish bracket in my collection.

Here's the odd story of the Cut-Off Thorn Alpha Nine.

And the collection continues to grow: Thorn Alpha 8 (the original with two bulbs), Thorn Beta 8, Thorn Pilote and REVO Junior Sol-e-tern.

And Wimbledon continues to be of interest. As P. was in the area, I asked him to check out some installations I remembered from the late 1990s. And they're still there.

After seeing his pictures, I was 90% convinced that a bracket and lantern I previously purchased in North London was from Wimbledon. (Although the finial and the placement of the scrollwork is slighty different).

An ELECO GR 535 has been added to the collection.

A couple of interesting schemes have recently appeared which are based on some old 1950s-1960s installations. The lighting engineer concerned needs more lanterns to complete them. There's one based on a 35W SOX installation whilst the other is retro-fitting some old MBF/U lanterns fitted with modern metal halide technology. If you can help source these two lanterns then please get in touch.

Additions to the collection: Lucidor A With Shoe and Lucidor A With Gear.

Lee Gale has found yet more stuff in Wimbledon.

Added the following: GEC Z6573, GEC Z8896, REVO Leicester, Simplex Gemini and Simplex Jupiter Major.

Lee Gale, who wrote the piece on concrete columns for The Independent, has been around the country spotting. Here's a small interesting installation he spied in Wimbledon. Whilst here are some concrete columns which inspired the piece in the first place.

And whilst on the subject of concrete columns, part of the Stanton Employee's Handbook has been added to the site.

Here's some pictures of the infamous Haywards Heath installation - the stuff of legend. (Private note to Tom: yes, I got out of my car this time!)

And, unfortunately, here's dreadful #4.

I've not been happy with some night-shots of lanterns in my collection. Hence this test using different shutter-speeds with an ESLA.

A 175o 2-way ESLA gets the full restoration treatment after languishing in a back garden for several years.

And added a history of REVO - or what I know of it anyway.

The whole of an 1960s AEI catalogue has now been added. You'll find many old favourites here.

Lots of pictures of the restored ESLA Bi-Multi 2-way 175o and its bracket.

Items added to the collection: ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL Two Way 150, ESLA Bi-Multi Group AL Two Way 175, REVO Solumbra, Siemens Court, Siemens Crawley and Thorn Beta 79.