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I've been working on my columns: the ESLA 46 has now been fitted with a lantern and bracket.

I've now found my CD of catalogues and so it's back to the individual GEC catalogues for each lantern. The details of the extremely rare GEC Z9504C have been added.

Eight more lanterns have been added to the GEC Side Road Lanterns catalogue from 1979.

At last! The Beta 5 finally appears.

The final adverts from Public Lighting #103 December Issue 1958 have now been scanned. This includes the first advert scanned for the Atlas Alpha Three.

I've now added the Beta 3 to the Atlas Catalogue.

The first adverts from Public Lighting #103 December Issue 1958 have now been scanned.

I've now added the Beta 1 and Gamma 7 to the Atlas Catalogue.

The rest of the adverts from Public Lighting #102 Conference Issue 1958 have now been scanned.

I've now finished the Stanton catalogues. The final sheets include the 9F, 9G, 9K, 10 and 10F columns and brackets. The full range indexed into various publications and catalogues can be found here.

More brackets have been moved and photographed: A C Ford AC 186 Swan Neck Bracket, a Relite Pole Bracket and a REVO B31 Pole Bracket.

Time for the Stanton 9E.

The first set of adverts from Public Lighting #102 (Conference Issue 1958) have now been scanned.

The Stanton 9D has now been documented.

More brackets have been moved and photographed: A C Ford Pole Bracket, ELECO Pole Bracket and a REVO B15 Wall Bracket.

Yet more Stanton. The rare Stanton 9C makes its appearance.

More comments have been added to the pictures of Epson and Ewell.

More brackets have been moved and photographed: BLEECO Bracket, BLEECO Bracket and an ELECO Bracket.

And we continue with the Stanton 9A.

More brackets have been moved and photographed: Lucy Large Swan Neck Bracket, BLEECO Worthing Bracket and ELECO Bracket.

The Stanton 9 series starts with the Stanton 9.

Official site photographer Lee Gale's been out and about again. He's taken more pictures from Epson and Ewell and added to the Concrete collection.

The Stanton 8 series concludes with the Stanton 8L/1.

Additionally I've added details of the Stanton 6B (Modified). This is the thinner version of the popular column with the 'filled-in fin'.

Plus (with thanks to Mike Ashworth) adverts from Girling (everything's starting to look like Stanton and/or REVO) and Springbank.

More brackets from the collection have been photographed: an ESLA pole bracket and a slightly different ESLA pole bracket with scrollwork.

The final Stanton 8 series concretes are now appearing, starting with the Stanton 8L.

I've rephotographed the GEC Z5592 NP lantern in the collection.

More brackets from the collection have been photographed: Unknown large Dublin swan neck bracket and the ESLA pole bracket.

The second Stanton 8K/1 bracket as now been uploaded.

The 1979 GEC catalogue continues with three side road lanterns.

The first of the Stanton 8K/1 series appears.

I've been working on my small Grey Wornum lantern again.

The first of the Stanton 8K series appears.

My BLEECO Open Type Concial 673 lantern has been photographed.

More brackets from the collection have been photographed: A C Ford AC 186 and Lucy Large Swan Neck Bracket.

The Stanton 8G makes its debut.

The final three main road lantern families from the 1979 GEC catalogue have been added - these include the "bricks".

A double Stanton update: The Stanton 8E and Stanton 8F have now been uploaded.

The pages for the Stanton 8A, Stanton 8B and Stanton 8C are missing from the catalogue - or did they ever exist as without page numbers it's difficult to tell. So the Stanton catalogue continues with the Stanton 8D.

I've been working on my small Grey Wornum lantern.

The Stanton catalogue offers a different lantern option for the 8.

Peter Rivet offers more history of Banstead's street lighting (scroll down to the penultimate picture).

New lanterns in the collection: ELECO GR 553, Phosco P125, Relite Hyperion 135 and REVO C1068.
New bracket in the collection: REVO B33.
Rephotographed: ELECO GR 551 and its REVO bracket.

The next Stanton catalogue, which dates from 1958, kicks off with the Stanton 8. By coincidence, Lee Gale has been out-and-about spotting 8s in Epsom.

Three more lanterns have been added from the GEC catalogue from 1979: Z9454, Z9554M and Z9564.

Stanton 7B and Stanton 7C finish the Stanton 1948 catalogue.

C15 help nail the colour scheme for the REVO Small Grey Wornum.

Not surprisingly the Stanton 7A is next to be featured.

Continuing with the GEC catalogue from 1979, the Z8522 Cutoff , Z8534 Cutoff, Z8536 and Z8438 are all briefly described.

The Stanton 7 starts the Stanton 7 series.

The great move of the brackets from one part of my garden to the other continues: REVO B14054, Lucy Large Swan Neck Bracket (2), Lucy Large Swan Neck Bracket (3) and Lucy Large Swan Neck Bracket (4).

The Stanton 6F and 6G finish the Stanton 6 series.

The technical details of the Atlas Gamma Five have been added.

The architecturally designed Stanton 6D and 6E make their debut.

The rest of the adverts from Public Lighting #101: September 1958 have been scanned. This includes new adverts from Siemens Ediswan, ELECO, Wardle (the newly designed Atholl with dimples) and GEC (the new 280W SOI bulb).

Today it's the Stanton 6A and 6C.

I've started scanning a GEC catalogue from 1979. Three lanterns are described: the Z9465, Z8430CM and Z8370.

The Stanton 6 range starts with the Stanton 6 and 6B and the series on the Erection Of A 25' Column has finished.

More of Cambridge's interesting relics have been pictured.

More Stantons. This time it's the Stanton 5.

Plus I've added pictures of REVO's artificial stone standards from the early 1930s.

The 1948 catalogue continues with the Stanton 2 and Stanton 3.

I've written up the history of the REVO Festival plus added pictures of it in-situ.

Peter Rivet recently e-mailed me with a history of the old gas installations in Cambridge with links to archival pictures. So, I've converted it to a webpage and added it here.

Mike Ashworth has sent me photocopies of parts of two Stanton catalogues; one detailing the firm's 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 columns and brackets; the other outlining the 8, 9 and 10 columns and brackets. This will fill in most of the gaps in the Stanton series and will be of great interest to concrete fans. So, we kick off with the 1948 catalogue and the Stanton 1.

A leaflet describing the GEC's polycarbonate bowls and cones features several of their most popular lanterns: the Z5580, Z5590, Z9480, Z9530 and Z9536.

I've had to recently move my collection of brackets (as they were leaning against my neighbour's fence... and threatening to break through). So, as they're being ferried around the garden, it made sense to sort out which lanterns they would take and get them photographed.

Some you will have seen before. Others are new to this site. So, here's the first five: REVO B17, REVO Large Swan Neck Bracket, Unknown Medium Swan Neck Bracket, Unknown Medium Swan Neck Bracket and an Unknown Wall Top Bracket,

Fans of old concrete lattice brackets should like the Southern Electricity Service advert I've added to the Contact page.

Indo Lighting have sent me their latest press release A Revolution In Lighting (Microsoft Word document) which describes induction lighting (seen as a competitor against LED and metal halide). It's definitely worth a read and you should also check out their website.

Half the adverts from Public Lighting #101 (September 1958) have been scanned.

I still can't find that CD: so the Gamma Four and Gamma Six make their first appearance on this site.

Keith has sent in a picture of the Kings Lynne ESLAs at night.

I've managed to lose (hopefully temporarily) my CD of all the scans of the GEC catalogues. So, until I find it again, I'll turn my attention to a manufacturer I've hardly documented yet, and the website is definitely lacking for it. Therefore the Atlas (later Thorn) range kicks of with the Alpha Eight.

The rest of the adverts from Public Lighting June 1958 have been scanned.

The Festivals in York have now all been removed and thanks to the kindness of the council (Ricky W. at City Of York Council), their contractors (Don A. at Amey) and the organisation of John Thompson, all eight were saved and are now in private collections.

Addition thanks to Bob and P. for driving up to York to collect our batch. I met them at in a M1 service area to collect my Festival.

So, the Festival is at the heart of this week's update.

REVO's original catalogue page for the Festival has now been scanned.

My Festival has now been restored and erected, and pictures of all the work can be found here.

The publications section has been expanded with two books which every street lighting enthusiast should track down.

The first half of all the adverts from Public Lighting #100 (June 1958) have now been scanned.

The small installation of REVO Festivals in York has now been documented. These street lights are due for removal in the next couple of weeks.

Keith has written in with more information about the Kings Lynn ESLAs (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Adverts from the 1937 edition of Electrical Engineer have been added. These all feature the newly introduced 80W and 125W MB lamps: BTH (including the County Junior lantern), GEC, Siemens, Philips (great advert showing the 1935 prototype being demonstrated) and Ediswan. (Thanks to Colin Grimes for the scans).

More of the 'interesting' street lights in Cambridge have been documented.

The Richardson Candle page has now been updated with a survey of the existing installation and more photographs.

A rather different update today.

Cambridge Council will be deciding the fate of the Richardson Candles this Monday. A new prototype lantern has been installed along King's Parade and this is intended to be their replacement. The meeting will discuss this lantern and decide whether to put it forward for Cambridge's PFI which is going to be submitted soon.

I have photographed and surveyed the remaining Candles and these results will be online soon. However, I needed to get all the documentation I had concerning these historic and unique lanterns online fast; so priority has been given to them. On this page you'll find two documents: Why Snuff The Candles? which argued for their retention in 1980, and the Cambridge Lighting Strategy which was produced in 1999 and suggested their conversion or replacement by a bold new unit.

There's some other bits and pieces of interest on that page along with some of the photographs I've taken of the Candles. More will be appearing soon.

Additionally there's a page devoted to some of Cambridge's more interesting lanterns - that is to a street lighting enthusiast. This is only partially finished at the moment so more will be appearing soon.

An ESLA Bi-Multi Group 'A' Two-Way 180° STRAIGHT lantern on a Lucy bracket has been added to the collection.

The restored REVO Junior Sol-Etern (C15161) has now been extensively photographed.

The Clearmain 9504A Family is documented.

And we're back to the GEC catalogues: Group A Lanterns (from 1981) which describes the the remains of the Z8524/6 and Z8534/6 ranges; the clearmain 9454/5c and 9464/5c lanterns; the clearside 9494/5 lantern; and the clearmain 9504 family.

And all the remaining adverts from the March 1958 edition Public Lighting are now online.

A further six adverts from the March 1958 edition Public Lighting are now online.

The GEC catalogues continue: the Z8490 family; the Z8495 family; the Z8520, Z8526, Z8520HPS and Z8526HPS family; and the Z8521, Z8522, Z8527 and Z8536 family.

The GEC catalogues continue with the Z5673 family, the Z8256, the Z8260, the Z8452 and the Z8453.

The ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" Two-Way 175° lantern and its associated bracket have been rephotographed.

I found a collection of poorly scanned Holophane lanterns in my archives. Whilst there's no technical description of the lanterns, it has allowed me to expand the range of GLS, Mercury and Sodium lanterns, add pictures and combine some entries. Judging from the dates of existing entries, this catalogue dates from the early 1950s. However, it's a pity that scans of the entire catalogue isn't available.

The new Holophane scans, plus some suggestions from Peter Rivet, has allowed me to further identify some of the Dublin street lights (including the lanterns mounted on the concrete columns originally installed in the centre of the city).

The first six adverts from the March 1958 issue of Public Lighting are now scanned.

A small selection of Tarslag's concrete columns and brackets have been documented thanks to an article in Design from the early 1950s.

The Z5670 range of lanterns is fully described in this 4-page GEC catalogue.

A while back Mike sent me some information about the lesser known street lighting standards of Dublin. It appears to confirm by bracket's provenance and I've reproduced the relevant pages.

The AEI Leader 15ST column should be familar to many. It was an extremely popular column and bracket combination for AEI (and later BLI and Thorn) lanterns.

After the "mini-meet" at fellow collector P's yard, I've added to my collection of lanterns, plus completed some incomplete examples:

1. Refractor dome added to the GEC Z55xx (Large Brim) lantern.
2. Refractor dome added to the GEC Z5354 lantern.
3. New lantern: the GEC Z5670
4. New lantern: the GEC Z5713

And I also picked up a wonderfully preserved ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" 195° 82½° 82½° lantern on a REVO swan neck bracket.

Side Road Lanterns features a detailed write-up of the GEC's Z5640 and Z5643 range of lanterns.

The second half of all the adverts from the 1956 Conference Issue of Public Lighting are now online.

A page showing Stewart And Lloyds 1913 street lighting columns, trolleybus and traction poles has been uploaded.

This GEC catalogue from 1974 summarises all their "decorative" (or rather "post top") lanterns and some of their columns.

I've restored and documented the unknown GEC fluorescent lantern in my collection.

I didn't complete the update I was intending, so it's more advertisements from Public Lighting for this update. This time, it's all the adverts from the first half of the 1956 Conference Issue.

All the street lighting related advertisements from Public Lighting No 90 have now been scanned. Highlights include the GEC Plastifractor, the newly launched Atlas Beta 2, the first advert from A C Ford and the Wardle Dielikon plastic refractor.

The other half the street lighting related advertisements from Public Lighting No 86 have now been scanned. Look out for the new REVO Haddington which was their latest wall mounted fluorescent.

I've finally got around to uploading pictures an details of a 1920s-1940s French bracket and lantern in the collection.

I have re-photographed my:

Half the street lighting related advertisements from Public Lighting No 86 have now been scanned. This includes several new lanterns from several manufacturers and the start of the Atlas range.