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The first page of Street Lamp Posts from the 1920s GEC catalogue have now been uploaded.

My ESLA Bracket has now been restored.

Lighting Journal
Volume 76 No 6
December 2011

Additions have been made to the Mackenzie Brothers (Oban) and Cambridge Street Lighting pages (with thanks to Peter Rivet).

One of the lanterns in the collection turns out to be a real street light thanks to a picture. (And thanks to a member of UKASTLE where I found the photo. Can the person who took the picture of the picture get in touch so I can give credit?)

I have fully restored my ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" Two-Way 180° lantern.

Many thanks to Richard from Philips Lighting who suggested an enthusiast could give a presentation at the ILP Midlands Meeting at SAPA Poles Limited on the 23rd June 2011. Despite a last-minute deadline, and a huge subject to cover (The History Of Street Lighting), I put a PowerPoint presentation together and my slides are shown below.

(Unfortunately I didnít have time to put any bullet points on them but will do so if asked to give the presentation again).

The Technical Programme can be found here.

I've been sent two pictures of BLEECO's employees in the 1940s making munitions during the war. These can be found in the BLEECO History section.

Lanterns added to the collection include a ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" Two-Way 165°, ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" Two-Way 170°, ESLA Bi-Multi Group "A" Four-Way 90° 90° 90° 90°, GEC Universal "Dioptrion" Lantern, REVO Magnalite Two-Way 180° C8873, REVO Magnalite Three-Way 77½° 77½° 205° C8875 and a REVO Lucidor B.

Brackets added to the collection include a ESLA Bracket and Relite Bracket.

The next catalogues scanned are a GEC catalogue from 1920 and a Relite catalogue from 1970.

Lanterns fully documented include a Philips MI 36 and a GEC Z8260.

My GEC Z9491 lantern and ELECO Swan Neck bracket were quickly restored as were loaned to the Elements Exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin, and then onto the Elements Exhibition at Bergamo Scienza, Italy.

Some of Folkestone's older lighting has been documented. And, on the subject of installations, could the Richardson Candles become a museum piece (scroll to the bottom).

The links section has been updated to include manufacturers.

News of the Richardson Candles - scroll to the bottom of the page.

And the catalogue concludes with the Atlas Alpha Three. I've also briefly described the catalogue and the lanterns featured on the catalogue page.

And the Atlas Gamma Two...

And the Atlas Gamma One...

And the Atlas Alpha Seven...

And the Atlas Alpha Five...

And the Atlas Beta Six...

And the Atlas Alpha One...

And the Atlas Beta 4...

I'm going back to the Atlas catalogue which I never finished uploading. So it continues with the Atlas Gamma 3...

And the Street Lighting Standards section of the REVO catalogue has also been completed. This completes the whole REVO catalogue and I'd like to thank Mike again who photocopied it for me.

An GEC Z5227 Faceted Reflector Lantern and REVO Medium Swan Neck have been added to the collection.

The bracket section of the REVO catalogue has now been completed.

The first four adverts from Public Lighting Number 113 Volume 26 (June 1961) have now been scanned and uploaded.

The rest of the adverts from Public Lighting Number 109 Volume 25 (June 1960) have now been scanned and uploaded.