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ilp archive : blackpool 1932

Exhibition Catalogue

Ninth Annual Meeting and Conference Blackpool
September 5th-8th, 1932

Abstract: Descriptions of lanterns and equipment displayed by The Tilley Lamp Company, The Horstmann Gear Company, Ltd., Benjamin Electric, Ltd., Metropolitan Gas Meters, Ltd., The Electric Street Lighting Apparatus Co., Holophane, Ltd., Credenda Conduits Co., Ltd., Bromford Tube Co., Ltd., Venner Time Switches, Ltd., The Wardle Engineering Co., Ltd., The General Electric Co., Ltd., British, Foreign And Colonial Automatic Light Controlling Co., Ltd., REVO Electric Co., Ltd., Messrs. William Sugg And Co., Ltd., The Gas Meter Co., Ltd., Falk, Stadelmann And Co., Ltd., Siemens Electric Lamps And Supplies, Ltd., Radiovisor Parent, Ltd., W. Parkinson And Co., The Edison Swan Electric Co., Ltd., Engineering And Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd., William Edgar And Son, Ltd., Messrs James Keith And Blackman Co., Ltd., Kandem Electrical, Ltd., Foster And Pullen, Ltd. and C. H. Kempton And Co., Ltd.

Presidential Address

H. Davis

The Administration of Public Lighting

Councillor R. H. Minshall

The Planning of Gas Installations to Conform with the British Standard Specification for Street Lighting

F. C. Smith

The famous street projection on a sinusoidal diagram was prepared by Watson House for this paper. This was after iso-candle diagrams were first used for BS 307:1931. The paper was noted for its use of iso-candle diagrams.

Modern Electric Street Lighting - The Planning of Installations to Conform with B.S. Specification No. 307-1931

G. H. Wilson

The paper was noted for its use of iso-candle diagrams.

The Public Lighting of Colchester

H. Collins

Street Lighting by Gas in Burnley

J. H. Clegg

The Street Lighting of Oldham

I. H. Massey