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ilp archive : conference papers and catalogues

First Public Lighting Engineers' Conference, Holburn Town Hall, London 1924

Birmingham 1923
London 1924
Glasgow 1924
Leeds 1925
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 1926
Brighton 1927
Sheffield 1928
Bournemouth 1929
Leicester 1930
Edinburgh 1931
Blackpool 1932
Margate 1933
Aberdeen 1934
London 1935
Cheltenham 1936
Folkestone 1937
Bournemouth 1938
Glasgow 1939
Glasgow 1945
London 1946
Southport 1947
Blackpool 1976

ilp archive : keywords

APLE: Organisation       Organisation and structure of the Association of Public Lighting Engineers, the forerunner of the ILE and ILP.
Lighting: Authority Organisation       The organisation of the various lighting departments within an administrative unit. Concerned with the various lighting authorities such as Parish Councils, District Councils, County Councils etc.
Lighting: Distribution       Discussion of the polar and/or isocandela properties of various light sources and/or lanterns and how they relate to the distribution upon the road surface.
Lighting: Installations       Description of a particular type of installation. May be the "first" to use a particular lamp or type of luminaire, or many be a general comparison of several installations.
Lighting: Lamps       Development and use of various lamp types for street lighting.
Lighting: Levels       The amount of light required for street lighting. This may include lighting levels, such as amount of lumination or illumination, and the different requirements under scoptic/photopic lighting conditions.
Lighting: Luminaires       Description of a particular type of luminaire. May include manufacturer information and polar, isocandela or isolux diagrams.
Lighting: Management       Management, organisation and structure of a lighting department.
Lighting: Specifications       Discussions and points relating to various European and British Standards (including reports by the Ministry Of Transport).
Lighting: Theory       Discussions and theories about the science of street lighting.
Statistics: Accident Data       Discussion and analysis of road accident data.
Statistics: Road Data       Discussion and analysis of road and vehcile data.