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"To promote, encourage and improve the science of efficient public lighting, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on this subject amongst the members of the Association and otherwise, and for this purpose to hold meetings of the Association for reading, discussing communications bearing upon public lighting, or subjects relating thereto." - Public Lighting #54, 1949

Captain W. J. Liberty - Founder of the A.P.L.E.

"The Objectives of the Association are to promote, encourage and improve the science of efficient public lighting, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on this subject amongst its members" - Public Lighting #1, 1936

"The chief function of the Association is to educate the public in general, and the lighting authorities in particular, with regard to the necessity and value of good lighting." - N. Boydell, Conference Paper, 1948

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APLE: Conference       Discussion of the annual Association of Public Lighting Engineers conference where paper would be given, and manufacturers would organise indoor and outdoor displays of lighting equipment.
APLE: History       The history of the APLE, ILE and ILP.
APLE: Journal       Matters pertaining to the journal published by the APLE in its various guises as Public Lighting and The Lighting Journal.
APLE: Organisation       Organisation and structure of the Association of Public Lighting Engineers, the forerunner of the ILE and ILP.
APLE: Sections       Meetings, papers and events organised by the sections.
Lighting: Anti-Social Behaviour       Wilful damage and theft of lighting equipment.
Lighting: ARP       The control and design of lighting under Air Raid Precautions which took place prior and during the Second World War.
Lighting: Authority Organisation       The organisation of the various lighting departments within an administrative unit. Concerned with the various lighting authorities such as Parish Councils, District Councils, County Councils etc.
Lighting: Colour       Discussions and theories about the different coloured sources for street lighting.
Lighting: Columns       Details of columns (either cast iron, steel or concrete) and various auxiliaries including raising and lowering gear.
Lighting: Comparisons       Comparisons between the relative merits of gas and electric street lighting. (Note: a rare topic for the APLE as they consciously decided to shy away for this topic, instead creating an enviroment of unity between proponents of the two types).
Lighting: Control       Controlling mechanisms for street lighting including manual switching, fifth-core, ripple control and centralisied management systems.
Lighting: Design       Concerns of street lighting design and the approval of various bodies such as the Royal Fine Art Commission or the Council of Industrial Design.
Lighting: Distribution       Discussion of the polar and/or isocandela properties of various light sources and/or lanterns and how they relate to the distribution upon the road surface.
Lighting: Energy       Energy use by street lighting and ways in which it can be reduced.
Lighting: Environment       Effects of street lighting upon the environment.
Lighting: Equipment       Additional equipment required for the maintenance and upkeep of a lighting installation or for the running of a lighting department. This might include tower wagons, cherry pickers etc.
Lighting: Education       Committees, syllabuses, exams, examining bodies and academic qualifications concerned with lighting.
Lighting: Events       Details of special, sometimes temporary installations, for special events such as coronations etc.
Lighting: Floodlighting       Descriptions of floodlighting, which includes the lighting of the facades of buildings, or of public areas or amenities. Not strictly road lighting.
Lighting: Funding       Proposals or mechanisms in place for the funding - both capital and ongoing costs - of public lighting.
Lighting: Future       Ideas, or predictions, about street lighting in the future.
Lighting: History       Historical information about public lighting.
Lighting: Health       Health effects of public lighting.
Lighting: Installations       Description of a particular type of installation. May be the "first" to use a particular lamp or type of luminaire, or many be a general comparison of several installations.
Lighting: Lamps       Development and use of various lamp types for street lighting.
Lighting: Lamp Auxiliaries       Control auxiliaries (current limiting devices, power factor correction, ignitors) used for various lamp types.
Lighting: Legal       Legal cases concerning public lighting or petitions to get various acts and laws made or changed.
Lighting: Levels       The amount of light required for street lighting. This may include lighting levels, such as amount of lumination or illumination, and the different requirements under scoptic/photopic lighting conditions.
Lighting: Luminaires       Description of a particular type of luminaire. May include manufacturer information and polar, isocandela or isolux diagrams.
Lighting: Maintenance       Maintenance of public lighting installations including cleaning regimes, painting, servicing etc.
Lighting: Management       Management, organisation and structure of a lighting department.
Lighting: Manufacturers       Details of particular manufacturers or a visit to a factory.
Lighting: Materials       The use of particular materials in lighting equipment.
Lighting: Personnel       Biographies, awards or obituaries of key people within the lighting industry.
Lighting: Physiology       Function, response and limitations of the eye.
Lighting: Photography       Companies involved in, or matters pertaining to, night photography of installations.
Lighting: Publications       Details of any lighting related publications.
Lighting: Safety       Matters concerning general safety around the roads. Concerned with the activities of the National "Safety First" Association or the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents . Not strictly road lighting.
Lighting: Signs       Lighting of traffic signs. Not strictly road lighting.
Lighting: Social Comment       Discussions, songs, poems, cartoons and/or criticism by various commentators not connected directly with lighting.
Lighting: Specifications       Discussions and points relating to various European and British Standards (including reports by the Ministry Of Transport).
Lighting: Statistics       Statistics concering street lighting e.g. number of lamps, type, method of control etc.
Lighting: Theory       Discussions and theories about the science of street lighting including 1930s concepts such as the "mechanism" and "revealing power."
Lighting: Users       Relationship of lighting with its users i.e. residents, pedestrians, motorists etc. In particular, relates to satisfaction and various forms of complaints.
Lighting: Weather       Effect of the weather e.g. wind and fog, on the effectiveness of a lighting installation.
Statistics: Accident Data       Discussion and analysis of road accident data.
Statistics: Road Data       Discussion and analysis of road and vehcile data.
Other       Items not relating to the APLE or lighting in general.
Other:IES       Information concerning the Illuminating Engineering Society.