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public lighting no. 4 vol. 1
December 1936

Editorial p91
The Game Continues (a member of staff has drawn a picture summing up the spirit of the profession with gas and electricity playing chess), Brighter Trunk Roads (with new control of main trunk roads by the MOT it is hoped for greater uniformity of lighting) and Coronation Decorations.
Lighting: Authority Organisation, Lighting: Events

Public Lighting In Malta by L. Agius, A. and C.E. p92-94
A brief history of Public Lighting in Malta from oil, petrol vapour, gas lamp, electric (arc, carbon-filament, metal-filament) and finally gas-filled incandescent.
Lighting: History, Lighting: Installations, Lighting: Management

The Electric Discharge Lamp - A Survey Of Development by J. N. Aldington, B.Sc., A.I.C.
p95-p100, p105-p107
Enitre copy of the paper given at the conference. Includes discussion.
Lighting: Lamps

Light-Actuated Switch For Island Refuge p104
It's now become regular practice to install light-actuated switches for the control of guardposts, bollards and island refuges. Includes a picture of a novel installation in Salisbury of the Oxford Pattern Refuge with control by Radiovisor, Parent.
Lighting: Control

Lighting Equipment For The Coronation p108
Description of decorative illumination equipment made by the GEC for the coronation of King George VI.
Lighting: Lanterns, Lighting: Events

New Public Thoroughfare Lighting Scheme At Newscatle-Upon-Tyne p109
Description of new Osira based discharge lighting in the Walker ward of the city.
Lighting: Installations

Illuminated Signs p109
Description and pictures of a range of Directional Signs made by Hailwood And Ackroyd of Morley, near Leeds.
Lighting: Lanterns

Illuminated Kerbs - Nottingham p109
Description of an experimental scheme in Nottingham where electrically lighted kerbs have been installed.
Lighting: Installations

Promenade Lighting, Margate Kent p110-111
A brief account of some effective Electric and Gas Installations at the coastal resort. Includes a page of night-time photographs taken from the promenade and the sea.
Lighting: Installations

Extract From Gas Journal p110
A note that the position of Public Lighting Inspector of Dundee will not be retained after the retirement of R. D. Robertson after he held the post since 1923. The lighting of the city will be handed over to the Gas Department and the Electricity Department. The editor notes that this is a retrograde step.
Lighting: Management

Song Of The Lamp Posts p112
A reprint from Reynold's Newspaper of a romantic song about street lights.
Lighting: Social Comment

Improved Lighting At New Scotland Yard p112
Exits and Quadrangle have been relit by Siemens Sieray-Dual Lamps in Diffusing Lanterns so The Flying Squad can leave at a moment's notice.
Lighting: Installations

Permanently Floodlighted p112
Night picture of the Taite Memorial Clock in Limerick which has been floodlit by six 500W projectors.
Lighting: Installations

More Light On Ireland: Improved Lighting Installations In Limerick City p113
Pictures sent in my Mr. Frank Algar of Dublin of lighting installations recently carried out by the Electricity Supply Board or Dublin for the Corporation of Limerick City. Includes details of the Taite Memorial Clock, Sarsfield Bridge and O'Connell Street.
Lighting: Installations

Examples Of Good Street Lighting p114
Pictures and descriptions of schemes in Dagenham, Hereford and West Ham.
Lighting: Installations

Lecture In London p114
Details of a lecture entitled "Luminescene And Its Applications" to be given by J. T. Randall, M.Sc at The Royal Society Of Arts.
Lighting: Theory

Lighting Notes p116
Brief descriptions of lighting schemes in Greenock, Sevenoaks, Lancaster, Wedmore, Clevedon, Hull, Johnstone, Bolton, Halifax, Hammersmith and Hebden Bridge.
Lighting: Installations

Motorist's Option p116
Report from the South Wales Evening Post where the new discharge lighting along the Mumbles Road is praised.
Lighting: Installations

Educating The Public! p116
Correction from the Evening Standard where mercury vapour discharge lamps are now correctly described as blue, not orange.
Lighting: Lamps

Sheffield's Modernised Railing Station Lighting p116
Before and after photographs of the new gas installation at Sheffield which uses Sugg Littleton lamps.
Lighting: Installation

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