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public lighting no. 7 vol. 2
September 1937

Editorial p73
Mentions the successful conference especially the cordial atmosphere and spirit of co-operation between the gas and electric lighting industries.

Lighting And Raids p74
Local authorities are still very much concerned with air-raid precautions (ARP) and the centralised control of street lighting during air attacks. It has been assumed that some instantaneous extinction of street lamps may be required. The Government has communicated with local authorities on the crucial question of financial assistance it is prepared to give, a lead will be forthcoming from Whitehall on this matter.

Conference Papers p74
To reproduce in Public Lighting all the papers with the discussions would involve a very heavy expenditure. The complete papers will be published in book form. Summaries of the discussions will be found in Public Lighting.

A Standing Reproach p74
The lamentable lack of uniformity in public lighting is undoubtably responsible for a fearful number of casualties and fatal accidents. The trouble is that along any given main road there are so many different local authorities controlling their respective portions of the road. Some provide excellent lighting installations, others are content with a less extensive provision, while many either will not, or cannot, find the funds necessary for illuminants either meagrely or not at all. Already the Government have stepped in and taken over 4,500 miles of highway, largely because of differences in administration by local bodies. It is surely a logical corollary to extend this centralising principle to street lighting. Only in this way will uniformity of illumination be secured and the terrible toll of human lives be stayed - a tragedy which is a standing reproach to local government administartion.

New Osira Catalogue p74
The GEC have recently produced a new Illustrated Brochure called "GEC Street Lighting".
APLE: Conference, Lighting: Funding, Lighting: Authority Organisation, Lighting: Publications

Folkestone p75
The AGM was held on September 6th under the chairmanship of Mr. E. C. Lennox, M.I.E.E. The Annual Report and Accounts were adopted, with membership increasing and the funds are in a very satisfactory position. The Conference will be held in Bournemouth next year. Ballots were held for Officers and Members. A message of loyalty was sent to the King.
APLE: Conference, APLE: Organisation

The Presidential Address p76
Details of the discussion given after The Presidential Address.

The Application of Modern Electric Lamps to Street Lighting p76
Details of the discussion given after The Application of Modern Electric Lamps to Street Lighting. Points raised included the lighting of road islands, a query that an increase in visibility would not result in an improved appearance, curb line lighting and financing.
Lighting: Colour, Lighting: Distribution, Lighting: Lamps, Lighting: Luminaires, Lighting: Theory

Luncheon Given By Gas Light And Coke Company p77
Details of the talk given by Mr. R. Foot, General Manager of the Gas, Light and Coke Company.

Some Further Experiments In Street Lighting p78
Details of the discussion given after Some Further Experiments In Street Lighting. Points raised that research by other companies were in agreement with the paper, relative movement was not considered, visual acuity and not visibility were being measured, disability glare from modern installations was not of a very high magnitude, broad and sweeping assertions could not be made from one model street and one installation in Pimlico, what was measured was not visibility but the point at which it became impossible to see, tests in Shffield had shown a preference for 85° main beam angle over 72-75° main beam angle, why was there such a radical difference between British and Continental methods and couldn't some mean between the two be adopted?
Lighting: Colour, Lighting: Distribution, Lighting: Luminaires, Lighting: Theory

Annual Dinner p79
Details of toasts and responses.

Gas Lighted Belisha Beacons p80
These have been the subject of experiments by the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Gateshead Gas Company. They are made from two cast iron galleries, three steel pillars (which form the frame of the clock box), the steel cover for the box, the amber globe and yellow enamelled flue cap. Two gas-illuminated beacons have been erected. The MOT are not in favour of illuminated Belisha Beacons because street lighting should be imporved to make beacons visible to drivers and pedestrians. At the same time beacons are often obscured by trees, lamp standards and other obstrucitons.

Warning Signals On Road Works p81
A request to the Executive Committee of the County Council's Association from the County Surveyor's Society for the illumination of temporary "Stop" and "Go" signs to be standardised. Experiments have taken place in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The MOT have been asked if they would be prepared to issue regulations for the country as a whole. The MOT replied that such signs are authorised for use, and they may be illuminated by any method. However the County Surveyor's Society are of the opinion that the signs should be mandatory. The APLE were consulted for their opinion.

New Siemens Installation "Sieray" Lighting At Barking p81
Brief description of the new installation in London Road Extension, Barking.
Lighting: Installations

Street Lighting Aid From National Funds p81
The question of Government grants to highway authorities in aid of road lighting has been considered by the Surrey County Council, who are urging the MOT for the desirability of lighting schemes other than trunk roads, to be aided by grants from National Funds. The MOT replied that further legislation would be necessary before a contribution could be made towards the cost of street lighting. The Minister could not give any undertaking that the necssary measure would be introduced
Lighting: Funding

Fifty Miles Of Electric Street Lighting At Deptford p82
Brief description of the new installation in Deptford.
Lighting: Installations

Mercury Lamps And Plants p82
According to a London daily, residents in Chelmsford have discovered that the trees and plants in the gardens of private houses where mercury vapour system of street lighting has been installed are growing more vigorously under their influence. This is said to be due to the ultra-violet rays. It has also been noted that trees in the vicinity of these lamps keep their leaves longer in the autumn.
Lighting: Environment

Floodlighting At Folkestone p82
Details of some of the floodlighting schemes installed at Folkestone.
Lighting: Events, Lighting: Floodlighting

Government Control Advocated p82
Addressing the North Midlands area of the IES at Leeds, Mr. R. Widgery, Borough Electrical Engineer and Manager, Shipley, said the difficulty with street lighting was that it was in the hands of so many authorities. He thought it should be in the hands of the Ministry Of Transport. There should be uniform lighting for Classs A Roads and Class B roads.
Lighting: Authority Organisation

Demonstration Lighting At APLE Conference Folkestone p84
Supplimental four page section. Includes night pictures of many of the temporary installations erected at Folkestone for the conference.
APLE: Conference

The Public Works, Roads And Transport Congress And Exhibition p87
Details of the Public Works Congress to be held at the Royal Agricultural Hall from November 15th to 20th. A session has been arranged for the APLE, and Photometry In Public Lighting will be read by Mr. C. H. Woodward, A.M.I.M.E.. The GEC will be exhibiting the Horizal lantern for the first time along with the new MAF Osira lamp. Siemens Electric Lamps And Supplies Ltd. will be showing the Regent-Sieray, Bi-Way and Dalston-Sieray with Sieray lamps and Pinnacle, Duo-Dome and Ruralux with the Sieray QH lamps. Lamps exibited by the firm also include the Standard Mercury (Type H) and Sieray-Dual.
Lighting: Lamps, Lighting: Luminaires, Other

Improved Gas Lighting At Southall p87
Very brief details of a new gas installation in Greenford Road, Southall. Includes a night picture.
Lighting: Installations

Street Lighting Notes p88
Details of new or improved gas installations in Barrow-In-Furness, Bradford, Fife, Frimley and Camberley, Grennwich, Houghton-le-Spring, Leeds, Liverpool, St. Helier, Stalybridge and by the South Suburban Gas Compnay.
Lighting: Installations

No Street Lights p88
The Sussex town of Winchelsea has no street lighting. The Parish Council decided that the town should be lit by electric lighting but the parishoners in Icklesham and Rye Harbour declared that they had no desire to pay for it; it would be 8d. in the of their local rates, and so the town will remain in darkness.
Lighting: Funding, Lighting: Installations

An Outstanding Landmark Floodlit At Folkestone p88
Brief description and picture of the Chimney Stack at the Morehall Works of the Folkestone Electricity Supply Co., Ltd., which was floodlit by 1000-watt Siemens Projector Lamps in "Filton" Projectors.
Lighting: Events, Lighting: Installations

Annual Reports p89
A brief survey of Reports sent by Public Lighting Engineers from various parts of the Country. Includes reports from Aberdeen, Alva, Alloa, Billingham-On-Tees, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Burnley, Chester, Christchurch NZ, Clydebank, Douglas, Glasgow, Greenock, Grimsby, Hereford, Huddersfield, Irish Free State, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Nottingham, Oldham, Paddington, Preston, SHeffield, Wakefield, North Metropolitan Area and the South Metropolitan Area.
Lighting: Installations

Flash-Lamps! p95
The village of Sherston has recently decided that the parish council should apply for powers to provide street lighting at the hands of the Wessex Electricity Company. It was said that 22 lights could be provided for 76 which would entail a special lighting rate of 8d. in the for a year, or alternatively, a three year scheme and a 3d. rate. Hang the expense!
Lighting: Installations

Traffic Lights For Piccadilly p95
A model in complete detail of the traffic light installation at Piccadilly Circus will be exhibited by the Automatic Electric Co. Ltd. at the forthcoming Public Works Exhibition. This is the largest installation yet handled in any city with no fewer than 50,000 vehicles passing through it every day between 8AM and 8PM.
Lighting: Installations

Colour Illusions p95
Professor H. Hartridge gave a talk called "Illusions Of Colour" at the British Association meeting in Nottingham, concentrating on the effects of sodium lighting.
Lighting: Colour

Rural Street Lighting p95
The village of Shincliffe, County Of Durham, is lit by 100W gas filled lamps for a lighting season dusk to midnight eight months of the year. Even so the lighting rate of the parish is 1s. 3d. in the - another case for consideration of the pooling of resources of larger authorities, as 80% of the lighting in the parish is on main highways. Three other rural areas lighted up in the past year are Runswick Bay, Hinderwell and Staithes. These villages are lighted by means of 100W lamps fitted with suitable directional reflectors, mounted at 15'6" on the network poles of the North-Eastern Electric Supply Co., thus providing adequate illumination to meet the needs of the residents. So far as Hinderwell is concerned where the lighting is on the main Whitby-Saltburn road, the lighting does not meet the demands of modern traffic. It has to be appreciated, however, that the lighting rate is approximately 1s. in the , and is as much as the ratepayers in the district can be expected to meet.
Lighting: Installations, Lighting: Funding

Attractive Designs In Concrete Columns p96
Picture of the Bexhill concrete column by Concrete Utilities and a brief note of the four models displayed at Shorncliff Road, Folkestone for the APLE Exhibition.
Lighting: Manufacturer

Daylight No Longer Ends At Sunset p96
First the Jubilee and then the Coronation gave a convincing proof that daylight in towns and cities no longer need end at dusk. Some idea of what local authorities are doing both to make their streets safe to traffic and inviting to residents and visitors can be gleaned from two recent publications. "Floodlighting By Gas" illustrates over 100 1937 floodlighting displays in which gas was used. The second booklet "Street Lighting" is concerned with traffic needs and the way in which lighting authorities are meeting them. It is interesting to learn from this publication that gas lights such as the world-famous London thoroughfares as Whitehall, Kingsway, Aldwych, chelsea Embankment and many others. Both booklets can be obtained from the British Commercial Gas Association.
Lighting: Publications

More Sodium Lighting For Croydon p96
Brief details of more sodium installations in Croydon after the Purley Way scheme.
Lighting: Installations

Departmental Committee's Report p96
Proposals for more efficient street lightign are contained in the final report of the Departmental Committee on Street Lighting to be issued shortly by the Ministry Of Transport. According to the Yorkshire Post, the committee's findings do not substantially differ from those in the Interim Report.
Lighting: Specifications

Dr. C. C. Paterson p96
The Director of the Research Laboratories of the GEC has been awarded an honorary degree of Doctor Of Science by Birmingham University "in recognition of his many contributions and services to electrical science."
Lighting: Personnel

The Improved BTH Horizontal Lantern p98
First shown at the APLE Conference in Folkestone along Sandgate Road. A horizontally disposed line source of light lends itself to simple optical control, with the result that a lantern can readily be designed to give the most effective distribution for street lighting purposes. Thus it is possible to direct almost the entire output of hte lamps into the direction i nwhcih it will be most useful for providing adequate visibility in the thoroughfare, at the same time securing control over the distracting effect of glare. Improved and less expensive version of the original. The results obtained from the improved lantern are particularly interesting since it is not necessary to reduce the spacing between units below that normally considered by authoritiative option to be a desired maximum - namely 150'. It is designed for side mounting and incorporates a patented magnetic system which makes it possible to burn horizontally a standard 250W or 400W Mercra lamp. The rectangular light distribution curve makes the lantern particularly suitable for the lighting of wide thoroughfares.
Lighting: Luminaires

New Parkinson Low Pressure Gas Street Lamps p98
Two new Parkinson low pressure gas street lamps were exhibited at Folkestone, the Maxill G Type for main and arterial road lighting and the Maxill Brimax Type for residential and secondary streets.
Lighting: Luminaires

Lord Mayor As Lamplighter p98
The Lord Mayor of Norwich (Mr. H. Fraser) took on the role of lamplighter. In the presence of members of the City Council he switched on a new system of lighting in Magpie Road, Norwich, as the old lamps were turned off. The pressing of the control lever marked the completion of the city's 25,000 scheme of improved street lighting, which includes 400 Osira high pressure mercury vapour lamps.
Lighting: Installations

Adverts: The General Electric Co., Ltd William Sugg And Co., Ltd., Walter Slingsby and Co., Ltd., W. Parkinson and Co., Holophane Co., Ltd., Siemens Electric Lamps And Supplies Ltd., The British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd., Gowshall Ltd., Gas Meter Company, Foster And Pullen Ltd., Bromford Tube Co., Ltd., The Horstmann Gear Co., Ltd., Concrete Utilities Co., Ltd., Philips Lamps Ltd., British Electrical Development Association, Inc, REVO Electric Co., Ltd., Radiovisor Parent Ltd., Public Works Road And Transport Exhibition And Congress, James Keith And Blackman Co., Ltd. and British Commercial Gas Association.