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public lighting and public lighting engineer
No. 108 Vol. 25

  • Foreward, p17
  • Annual Conference - Folkestone, p18
  • The Importance of Road Lighting to the Highway System by Granville Berry M.I.C.E., M.I.Mun.E., p19
  • Local Government Exhibitions, p21
  • Iso-Candelas Simplified, or Onions Without Tears by John W. T. Walsh, O.B.E., M.A., D.Sc., p22
  • New Miles Of Atlas Lighting at Tottenham, p27
  • Simon Hydraulic Platform For Poznan Municipal Council, p28
  • Lighting For New Persian Bridge, p28
  • Son Et Lumiere Presentation In Croydon Parish Church, p28
  • Atlas "Aurama" At Croydon Parish Church, p29
  • Atlas Street Lanterns For Australia, p30
  • "Lamp Factory" Exported, p30
  • Automatic Conveyor For Glass Bulbs, p30
  • Poles Limited At A.S.E.E, p31
  • Kuwait Lanterns Now Manufactured In Australia, p31
  • Battersea Heliport Gets Night Flying Licence, p32
  • Atlas Technical Sales Re-Organisation, p33
  • Coventry Ring Road Lighting More "Motorway" Lighting For Coventry, p33
  • Traffic Engineering and Control, p33
  • The Ten Guardians Of Light - Down Winston Way, p34
  • New Equipment For Philips Hamilton Works, p34
  • Visitor From Norway, p35
  • GEC Street Lights For Important New Artery In The North West, p35
  • Subway Lighting At Birmingham, p35
  • The Illuminating Engineering Society, Summer Meeting, 1960, p36
  • Safety At Night by Courtney Edwards, p38
  • Mr. V.G.E. Gardner Elected President Of The Lightmongers, p39
  • Haddington Street Lighting, p40
  • New Library Building at Sheffield University, p41
  • Kuwait Extension Go-Ahead In Northern Ireland, p42
  • First To See "Anilume" - the New System of Animated Illumination, p43
  • The First Full-Scale Installation of New Sodium Linear High Efficency Street Lighting in Wales, p44
  • Other "Amberline" Installations, p44
  • AEI Lamp & Lighting Lanterns Installed on Roker Seafront, p45
  • Lighting In Rural Areas by R. W. Steel, M.I.E.E., p45
  • Wardle "Aureole" Lanterns, p48