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"Do you know wot? The mantle's gorn"
"Grimes", The Star
Reproduced in Public Lighting #32, January-March 1944

Harley Street: "Fortunately little serious damage, officer - Merely a contused bonnet and a compound fracture of the lighting standard" - "Evening News" - Reproduced in Public Lighting #16, January 1940

Cartoon from the 1880s showing the demise of gas lighting - Street Lighting By Gas With Special Reference To The High Pressure System, September 1937

"The "game" between gas and electricity continues." - Public Lighting No. 4, Vol. 1, December 1936

"The APLE return compliments to Mr. Hore Belisha after his introduction in the first issue of Public Lighting." - Public Lighting No. 2, Vol. 1, June 1936

"Erring motorists are responsible for keeping this section busy. In Glasgow, during the past year, 600 lamps were smashed, and although the pillar may only be dislodged it is very seldom that the lantern is not damaged and ready for a visit to the hospital at 20, Trongate. The motorist, of course, tries bigger "game" sometimes, and one splendid effort is shown" - Ward and Mann, September 1934

"There has been a Lighting Department in Glasgow since 1800, and an old Order Book covering the years 1819-1839 contains some delightful items of a period when life pursued a more leisurely course than it does today." - Ward and Mann explaining how much easier things were in the old days, writing in September 1934

"Porcelain Wellglass Fittings. - Being proof against corrosive vapours, these are particularly suitable for Public Lavatories, etc." - Benjamin Electric Limited, APLE Conference Catalogue 1934.

"We come then, inevitably, to a condition where the unfortunate Lighting Engineer is accused of spoiling our ancient cities and our beautiful ring roads with his monstrous erections when he is engaged only in what appears to him to be a praiseworthy endeavour..." - F. N. Rush, Street Lighting Sales Engineer, The Ediswan Electric Co. Ltd., lamenting that most modern lanterns look like sick serpents with carpet cleaners in their mouths (Public Lighting, p80, June 1953)

"He looked forward to visiting Aberdeen next year for the Public Lighting Engineers' Conference, and he believed the "sky-glow" over Aberdeen, because of Mr. Parker's work, rivalled that over New York" - J. T. Grundy, Siemens Edison Swan Ltd., appraising Ronald Parker's lighting scheme for Aberdeen (Public Lighting, p34, March 1959)

"When asked to light a village, the local authority therefore put a light near the church, another near the public house and a third on the corner of a wall or a telegraph pole." - G, W, Hutson, North Kesteven, Lincolnshire., pointing out that parish councils did not make the most efficient lighting authorities (Public Lighting, p35, March 1959)

"In 1793 the lighting in London was so bad that James Boswell was able to have sex with a prostitute on Westminster Bridge and consider it a private trysting place." Bill Bryson, At Home