paddock | far from the light of day

"We held a Cabinet meeting at 'Paddock' far from the light of day, and each Minister was requested to inspect and satisfy himself about his sleeping and working apartments. We celebrated this occasion by a vivacious luncheon, and then returned to Whitehall."

Winston Churchill
29th September 1939

In order to conduct a radio interview, some form of background noise, indicative of the general ambience of the location is required. As such, an asylum would be not practical - the mildew and dry rot of a day room would not really project itself across the airwaves, being primarily visual. That said, the BBC wouldn’t touch such a location anyway; permission would be required before Auntie would even step onto a site.

Therefore the interview about the this rather illegal subject of snooping around took place within the legally entered subterranean tunnels of the backup cabinet war rooms at Paddock. Nicely aural, with lots of dripping water and echoes, and it made a nice pleasant change to the usual rushing around involved in an infiltration.

There was also mildew and dry rot, but you couldn’t hear that.