cane hill | grand tour

Id wanted to get inside for a long time. The tales of other explorers delving into the heart of Cane Hill were irresistible. Talk of the laundry, the boiler room, the mortuary, the wards, the stage room and the chapel. Talk of grand pianos. Talk of threatening medical equipment. Talk of tunnels.

And so, on a gloriously sunny July afternoon, we made our way into the dank, cold interior of Cane Hill.

The sights were varied: from the incredible beauty of the architecture to the ugly vistas of missing ceilings and sagging floors. From the joy of finding areas undamaged and intact to the sadness of finding rooms destroyed by fire.

Note: Cane Hill is also the most dangerous site I have ever explored. Most of the floors are now so unsafe that they sag when you walk on them. And in many places, they have fallen through completely.