cane hill | grand tour

This is the main map of the tour. A little too coarse for my liking, but it shows you where we generally went. Yellow is where we manfully walked around and explored. And red is where we ducked under the floor and tunneled. Unfortunately the map only shows the ground floor and is missing the admin block, but it's a damn fine map, and helped us greatly during our explorations.

Here's the main areas we explored:

The Stores. Ladders, junk, ladders and ladders. There were also some ladders here.
Tinsmiths and Tailors. Marvel at the disgusting shade of pink. And orange.
Wren/Wesley wards. The ground and second floors of a triple-decker ward.
Pugin/Paxton wards. Just the ground floor and loads of junk.
Main Hall. Not that we actually set foot in here. There's nothing to stand on.
The Pharmacy. Drugs, drugs and more drugs.
The Chapel. Still intact, still wonderful.
The Admin Block. Upstairs and downstairs. Files, empty rooms, burnt out rooms and antique mirrors.
The Dentists. Open wide.
Browning/Blake wards. ECT machines and low greenhouse wards. And Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Hospital Shop. Get your cigarettes here.
Kitchens. Now wash your hands.
Tunnels. Lots of pictures of pipes and blackness.
Corridor Of Crap. It was major work traversing this one.
The Fabulous Strange Wheelie Thing. It lurks, it pounces, it squeaks.
Occupational Therapy. The Cane Hill gallery of disturbing artwork.
Lidgett/Lettsom. Fun, fun, fun in the Cane Hills games room.
Prefab kitchen. Salt for lunch.
Overgrown courtyard. Nice shots of the towers.
Incinerator. Big rusty machine.
The Laundry. Big rusty machines.
Fire Damage. The remains of corridors.
The Service Road. Lots of little buildings encountered on our way out.
The Mortuary. Inside and out.