cane hill | syringes on sunday

After Offkilter did his usual ‘get as high as possible lark’ and joined the pigeons on the third floor of the Nurses’ Accommodation, we all conceded that our work here had been done.

I was now on another of my trivial missions. I wanted to locate the ward with the weird multicoloured blinds and find some strange subterranean cells an other explorer had mentioned.

He mentioned that they were near the corridor of Kings/Keats. So we took the dodgy corridor and found a small passageway. This lead to his small corridor, accessible by walking down some stairs, and I had found my weird subterranean cells.

These are odd - sandwiched between the main Kings/Keats corridor and the end of Jonhson/Jenner ward. Unlike other cells opening out onto a ward, these were incredibly claustrophobic and nasty.