cane hill | walking the perimeter

As I walk around the left wing, I hear a loud bang from within the hospital.

This is very eerie and unnerving since there shouldn't be anyone in there.

The noise happens again, like a hammer on wood, and I quickly take this shot. In my haste, the slats of the security fence reflect the left half of the picture, leaving it white.

The open windows stare back, the curtains flapping. I hear the noise again: two sharp raps.

Was it the wind, rattling loose fixtures and fittings in the embattled hospital? I donít know, and I donít wait to find out.

(Ghost hunters would be particularly interested in the unworldly raps, the apparent orb on the photo, and the fact that my camera then malfunctioned and wouldn't refocus for a while. Well, the orb is a rain droplet and the camera wasn't happy about taking pictures of shiny security fences at point blank range.)

I was certainly happy to put the left wing behind me.

On to the wards.

(Or to view "hammer man's" lair, click here.)