napsbury | foiled by the curtain twitchers

On our way back from Harperbury, we decided to visit the former Napsbury Asylum to see how many of the original buildings survived. It was a pleasant surprise as a large number of the villas scattered around the site had now been beautifully restored and were now family homes. The main echelon block was also largely intact with admin, the water tower and all the echelon wards scrubbed up and restored.

And then we spotted it. A massive derelict structure positioned perfectly at the base of the echelon blocks, slap bang in the middle of this new complex. The two storey dining room and main hall survived the limited demolition the surrounding interconnecting structures but was now stranded and looking very out of place.

We quietly parked up and jumped out of the car. However, the building was extremely overlooked and some of the curtains in the windows started to twitch. Was there a discrete way in?

(Note: larger sized pictures are available. E-mail me if you require them.)