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Walking back to the southern main block, I now viewed its southeastern flank, an expanse of pitched roofs and red brick.

"The buildings opposite the water tower by the sharp bend was the cabinet makers, upholsters, sewing room and cobblers."

Brian Stamp

"Picture 8 looks like it was taken from the triangle next to the small morgue and my favourite haunt of the ward of the ward I worked at. The smaller unit in the foreground of the picture was known as the Thaxted Unit where departing patients were taught to cook and clean and iron etc."

"Underneath Victoria's block was a underground place, long disused, with cells etc. as Victoria was always the hardcore Psychopathy (which was my speciality)."


The plans of the asylum (not published here due to copyright issues) show extensive basement wards and cells under Veronica and Jasmine wards.