great barr hall | lunar eclipse

The Crimp, or Fern Leafed Beech Tree, was planted by Lady Scott close to the front entrance of Great Bar Hall. Over the years, the sterile hybrid reverted to its natural form, so Lady Scott saw fit to curse the young sapling: it would cause harm to any who damaged it.

As people mysteriously started dying, the folklore surrounding the tree grew. As it shed its problematical zygote, a carpenter shed two fingers shaping some cuttings taken from it. He fared better than J Corfield who loped some offending branches off and promptly collapsed and died two weeks after the event.

Did having such an evil tree in the front garden bode well for the Hall itself? A talisman it was not, as shown by the decay and collapse of this great old house. But I donít put any of its destruction down to supernatural causes from an odd biological specimen in the front drive: this was just sheer neglect.

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