croxley green to watford | the goldilocks triumvirate: just right

It was difficult to determine where the station actually was. The shrub growth was so bad, that progress was only possible along a narrow path along the former platform.

The station buildings had long gone before the line even closed. This left a minimal station of a set of concrete stairs leading down to the platform from Tolpits Lane, the stone platform, lighting and train drivers’ platform mirrors.

All of this was still in-situ today but was difficult to see through the dense growth. Luckily we’d chosen this February day to make the journey otherwise everything would’ve been hidden behind an impenetrable wall of greenery.

Discarded platform bench from Watford West. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Watford West platform looking east. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Climbing the platform steps westwards to street level. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Final section of steps to Tolpits Lane. © Simon Cornwell 2009

View of station from Tolpits Lane. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Walking eastwards back down the platform steps. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Last remaining smashed signage. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Walking east along Watford West platform. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Modern station sign. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Driver's platform mirror. © Simon Cornwell 2009