croxley green to watford | the goldilocks triumvirate: just right

Our slow progress along the abandoned track was rapidly halted. Ascot Road was built in 1996, and swept away the embankment of the railway, isolating Croxley Green station forever. As the facilities and timetable had been run down over the previous few years, a construction of a new railway bridge was deemed far too uneconomical, and so the building of Ascot Road ushered in the permanent bus service.

But, technically, this railway line is still open, and you can still officially purchase tickets.

We picked our way down truncated embankment and promptly got marooned in an anonymous office car park. We ended up walking across trimmed lawns, immaculate car park tarmac, and ignoring the curious faces appearing in office windows before vaulting the fence, scuttling across Ascot Road, and continuing our (now torturous) railway walk.

Remains of the railway swept away by the new Ascot Road. View east. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Looking north along the new road. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Track continuing east after rejoining from the new Ascot Road. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Remains of bridge continuing eastwards along the track. © Simon Cornwell 2009