rauceby | recce

This was my map for the recce: a shot taken whilst the hospital was still in use (note the cars in the car park). Here's the main areas explored:

Gatehouse. The start of the tour - not shown on the map.
Nurses' Home. Probably the best I've seen yet.
The Chapel. Rural and idyllic.
Back Of Wards. Just one shot of the ward clusters to the west.
Ward Clusters And Airing Courts. Shots from the front of the hospital.
The Conservatory. One of the listed structures on the site.
Ward Clusters And Airing Courts. Shots of the remaining wards and gardens.
Services And Car Park. Garages, building control and other services to the rear of the hospital.
The Admin Block. The welcoming face of Rauceby.
The Water Tower. Final shot of the hospital.