severalls | visiting villas

My apologies for such a grainy, coarse map. Plans of the hospital and grounds are difficult to come by, but I hope something more substantial can be found in the hospital itself.

Here's the main areas we explored:

Cottage And Incinerators. Quite dull but worth pointing out. (Shown in purple on the map)
Myland Court. A sprawling villa of two 'E' shaped wards. (Shown in red)
Ivy Villa. A butterfly shaped villa - everyone say 'ahhhh'. (Shown in green)
Firs Villa. With lovely clean floors. (Shown in blue)
The Chapel. One of the most imposing I've discovered for a hospital. (The cross marks the spot)
The Grounds. Not strictly urban.
Main Hospital Complex. Completely urban. And completely enclosed in fence. (That big building)