paddock | far from the light of day

Paddock is marked by the red... erm... Paddock. The map shows Brook Road, Dollis Hill, London, NW2.

Here's the main areas we explored:

Brook Road. Just setting the trend, walking up and down and waiting for everyone to turn up..
We're In!. And the bunker exploration starts here.
The Upper Floor. Various rooms and corridors on the first floor down.
Going Down. Down the rickety stairs.
The Lower Floor. We're down as far as you can go.
Switchgear Room. Lots of lovely 1930s rusty electronics.
The Map Room. It's assumed that this is the map room anyway.
Telephone Exchange #1. State-of-the-art communications.
The Cabinet Room. Plush and well maintained - exactly what you'd expect.
The BBC Room. Really just a bare bulb and some tiles.
The Journey Back. The journey back up to the upper floor that is.
Telephone Exchange #2. This exchange is much better than the last.
The Social Club. It wasn't a social club in Churchill's time.
The Chicken Wire Room. Answers on a postcard please.
The Kitchen. Please queue to use the only sinks in the bunker.
Return To The Surface. Via the emergency exit to someone's front garden.