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elsa "hybrid" (with esla bi-multi group 'a' three-Way 165o,82o,112½o)

side #1

The bracket was originally purchased from an architectural reclaim in Kent. It's original location is therefore unknown, although it was probably somewhere in the south east.

side #2

When bought, the finial and fuse box were definitely ESLAs, rusty and covered in flaking silver paint. The bracket itself was smooth and clean. I'm not sure if it was original bracket, but the overall shape was pleasing.

front #1

It's now been retrofitted with an ESLA Bi-Mult Group 'AL' Three-Way 165o,82o,112½o lantern.

finial closeup

ESLA finials are typically large and angular, but could be confused with the slightly larger REVO variant.

fuse box decoration

These vertical patterns on the bottom of the spigot are a classic characteristic of ESLA metalwork. However, the ESLA name on the fuse box cover is a dead giveaway!

fuse box

The original porcelain fuse and connector were still fitted. How many safety regulations does this break today?

At least it's got an earthing screw.

esla "hybrid" bracket (as originally purchased)

I found this bracket in a reclaim yard, buried under a pile of broken Lucy and REVO brackets. I could see that the fuse box was a different shape than the others and I wasn't disappointed when I eventually freed it.

I've called this a 'hybrid' bracket as the finial and fuse box are old, definitely ESLA vintage, and covered in the same paint. However, the bracket appears more modern, and is lacking any paint whatsoever. Therefore this bracket was probably made up from parts.

Still, it's an interesting bracket and will eventually hold an ESLA Bi-Multi (once I get the remains of the Thorn Beta 4 off it).

This close-up of the fuse box shows the characteristic ESLA short-fluted spigot cap. Interestingly it has four securing bolts instead of three.