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Erecting Concrete Utility columns and brackets on Mount Folly, Bodmin I have been interested in street lighting since as long as I can remember. I have a large collection (or should that be museum) of lanterns, brackets and columns dating from the 1930s through to the present day. I also collect the original bulbs and gear so I can light them.

I am always on the lookout for more examples for the collection. Old bulbs, gear, brackets and lanterns will be gratefully received.

And any old manufacturers catalogues or lighting publications, whatever the condition, would help enormously with identification and classication. If you have any old brochures or booklets then please get in touch.

Please note: I am just a collector of old street lighting equipment. Please don't send me quotes for the supply of columns and/or lanterns.

Simon Cornwell

The sort of items I'm looking for:
Gear both modern and antique.
Lamps from all eras, of all types and of all wattages.
Old and modern lanterns. Condition doesn't matter as long as they're complete.
Thanks to:
Mike Ashworth (Additions to REVO 1950s catalogue, adverts from the Highway Reference Book 1951, Stewarts And Lloyds 1913 catalogue, Stanton 1948 catalogue, Stanton 1958 catalogue, Crompton 1953 catalogue, Crompton 1969 catalogue, Scottish Municipal Annual 1951),
Alistair Bell (Blackpool Pictures),
Bob Cookson (AEI Catalogue, BLEECO Developments, BLEECO 1940s leaflets, Early 1950s BTH, Early 1930s ESLA catalogue, various GEC catalogues and REVO 1950s catalogue),
Nigel Cooper nigelc at onetel dot com (Wardle information),
Tim Driscoll (Bigglestons information),
Chris Gale (1965 ELECO Catalogue),
Tony Gilbert (scans from Electrical Review),
Colin Grimes (Early 1970s ELECO Catalogue, Early 1960s AEI catalogue, 1938 Holophane book, Electrical Engineering scans, various GEC catalogues, 1933 GEC catalogue, 1968 Phosco catalogue),
Duncan Maguire (Stanton Handbook) and
Peter Rivet (Mackenzie Bros info and Cambridge street lighting).