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I've listed the UK manufacturers alphabetically. This is intended as simply a reference. Please contact me if you'd like extra information added for your company.

a c ford
abacus lighting
carbon reduction technology
cu phosco
dw windsor

"Designer and manufacturer of exterior lighting, street lighting and urban furniture, providing real value to our customers."

jw (uk) ltd
sugg (manufacturer)
sugg (definitive historical site by chris sugg)

Fenori Cast Iron reclaim, restore and recycle traditional cast iron lamp posts and other products from the roads and highways. They specialise in cast iron columns, but can also supply swan neck brackets, pendant lanterns, cobble stones, railings, signs, traffic signals and other road furniture.

lantern collectors
mike barford: english street lights online
A combination of blog, pictures of installations and the genesis of his own collection, Mike Barford's site documents what happens when collecting lanterns moves from being an idea to an actual hobby.

matthew eagles: sox lamps
Everything you wanted to know about low pressure sodium lamps and more. Matthew's site covers the history of the light source, the SOX lamp, lanterns, items in his collection, the pros and cons of low pressure sodium and more. Extremely readable and packed with text, diagrams and graphics.

tim luckett: street lighting gb
The longest running UK street lighting site, Tim Luckett lists lanterns made by various manufacturers and documents remaining lanterns and columns of interest installed throughout the UK.

brian randall: bedfordshire street lighting
Brian's excellent website shows the various ancient installations which can still be found around Bedford (called REVO City on my site). There's also pictures of the various old lanterns still in use in Bedfordshire and the lanterns in his collection.

chris sugg: william sugg and co
A superb page outlining the history and products of William Sugg and Co. Sugg were responsible for many of the major gas innovations of the last century, and designed some of the most iconic 'traditional' lanterns: the Windsor, Littleton and Rochester.

lamp collectors
Don't know your SO from your SOI, or your MA from your MB? Well Jame Hooker's website documents all the differences, and features pictures of his own collection of historic discharge tubes.
This site documents Philip's collection of discharge bulbs. And you should also check out, which is a gallery of bulbs and lanterns.

phil macbean: lighting here and there
There's loads to explore here from pictures of UK installations, a large section devoted to US street scenes, lamp videos, Phil's collection, US advertisements and lots more.

overseas collectors
michael glück: west german street lights
This great site documents the street lighting scene in West Germany and Michael's own collection of lanterns.

professional organisations
institution of lighting professionals
I'm proud to be an Affilate Member and they've kindly given me permission to reproduce articles from Public Lighting, now known as Lighting Journal.

Induction lighting is fully explained on Indo Lighting's website along with descriptions of the lamps and lanterns. Induction lighting is seen as one of the light sources of the future (along with LED and metal halide).

tofco limited
Tofco are the UK market leader of street lighting cutout units and isolators, (over 4 million operating in the UK alone), distribution panels (carrying the supply to the lights) and passive safe termination connections